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Continuous Professional Development

‘We mean to keep our teachers’

Our continuous professional development is extremely important and our professional development service is about much more than running courses.

We offer an extensive programme of training and development for our teachers:

  • We have a locally based professional development centre (PDC) and also offer school-based programmes
  • National experts, practitioners from our local schools and PDC-based staff present the training programmes, which are organised to address national initiatives with a Haringey perspective
  • Our PDC is the premier local training centre with high quality facilities and resources, including national expert trainers for our local schools and local authority (LA) staff

We work in partnership with schools to raise standards and we are judged by the performance of pupils in our schools. We have a vested interest in providing all staff in our schools with high quality training.

The PDC provides an extensive programme of training and development for the whole school workforce in our schools.

Our annual programme is designed to address the needs identified through school improvement plans, the LA’s education development plan, course evaluation and school improvement partner meetings with headteachers.

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Page Last Updated:

2 April 2015

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