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Garden Waste Collection

Garden waste recyclingMost residents with a green box collection also receive a weekly green garden waste collection. This page provides more information about this part of the recycling service.

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Your collection day

Your garden waste will be collected at the same time as the rest of your recycling. To check your collection day please use the search function on the Veolia Haringey website (external link).

If you need any more information about the green garden waste service then please contact the Veolia Haringey Contact Centre:

Tel: 020 8885 7700

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Using the service

We provide residents with a white reusable sack for recycling green garden waste. Any additional green garden waste can be put out for collection in untied bags.

We will collect a maximum of five bags of garden waste with your weekly collection. Should you have any more please contact the Veolia Contact Centre.

Please put your green garden waste out the night before your collection.

The bags should be left near your front gate, separated from the rest of your rubbish. If the bags are tied up then they may not be collected. Do not put your bags of green garden waste on the public footpath.

Please make sure that no other rubbish is put into the same bags as the garden waste. Bags containing garden waste mixed with other rubbish will not be collected.

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How to order a garden waste bag

The garden waste collection service is available to houses (or flats within houses) that have a front garden, where green box recycling collections are also available.

To order a garden waste bag, please contact the Veolia Haringey Contact Centre:

Tel: 020 8885 7700

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What you can recycle

You can use the green garden waste collection service to recycle the following:

Yes pleaseNo thank you
Grass cuttings

Japanese Knotweed:
Please see the Japanese Knotweed page

Hedge clippingsLarge branches
PruningsSoil or sand
Small branchesFood
FlowersAny other rubbish

This information is also available to download in the 'What To Recycle' document in the attached files section below.

Please note the following:

  • If you have any branches larger than 8cm (3 inches) thick then these should be cut into smaller pieces and tied together with string before they are put out for collection.
  • Please remember that we cannot take any other items of rubbish on the green garden waste collection service.

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How is the garden waste collected?

Recycling collection vehicleThe garden waste is collected by a vehicle that looks similar to a normal dustcart, but is used exclusively for recycling. The garden waste is mixed with food waste in the same compartment on the special vehicles, which also have another compartment where the other recycling (such as the paper, tins, and glass) is collected.

The garden waste is then taken to a special in-vessel composting facility to be recycled. There is more information about this available in the organic recycling section of the what happens to recycling page.

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Page Last Updated:

16 March 2015

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