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Council Contracts

Procurement - Frequently Asked Questions

Current opportunities to bid

  • Compete For Registration

We now use CompeteFor to run Request for Quotations for all opportunities between £5k and £100K, and advertise all opportunities over £100k (with the exception of construction). Suppliers are strongly recommended to register with this website as alerts are sent to businesses whose profiles match with new opportunities as they arise. More details are available on the Sustainable Procurement page.

  • Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

Where contracts exceed set price thresholds, we are required to publish them on the website for the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). The current thresholds are listed in the Procurement Routes document in the attached files section below.

A link to the OJEU website is in the external links section below.

  • Contracts Register

The Contracts Register is a list of all existing council contracts over £5k and all framework agreements. The register is updated quarterly to convey when contracts are expiring and which are likely to be advertised. The Contracts Register is in the attached files section below.

  • Current Opportunities Adverts

We always advertise new opportunities on this page and they will appear below. However, suppliers are recommended to sign up to CompeteFor to avoid the need to frequently check for updates.


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Council contract processes

All councils have a statutory obligation to deliver the most economically advantageous solution through their contracts. This also includes the amount of officer time spent in delivering these solutions. The level of value and risk of purchases will determine the kind of procurement process used. The procurement routes used are illustrated in the document in the attached files section below.

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How to submit a return

  • Electronic Tendering

We undertake as much procurement as possible through electronic portals. We use the CompeteFor portal to undertake pre-qualification questionnaires and the Delta E-Sourcing portal to share tender documents, and receive bidder returns in a secure environment. The links to each are provided in the external links section below.

  • Reverse Auctions

Occasionally we will use an online reverse auction. These are hosted by Due North, and allow bidders to submit and improve prices in a time limited window, providing real time feedback to bidders on their current bid rank, relative to submissions from other interested parties. The link to the system is provided in the external links section below.

  • Postal Tendering

If suppliers are unable or uncomfortable to use electronic tendering, they may send documents to the following address:

Central Procurement Unit
Level 5, Alexandra House
10 Station Road
London N22 7TR

Please note that using online tools will maximise supplier opportunities, as we only advertise opportunities online, and reverse auctions can only be facilitated online.

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Choosing a successful bidder

We do not operate a preferred supplier list; supplier selection is based on our need to achieve value for money. Contracts are therefore generally awarded to the most economically advantageous bid (MEAT) rather than on the basis of lowest price.

The criteria that suppliers are evaluated upon will vary depending on the value and risk of the procurement in question, but will normally include the following:

  • Technical Ability and Capacity to Deliver the goods, services, works or utilities required. This is evaluated through method statements, past and current work, references etc.
  • Quality. The council must be sure that the supplier can deliver to required standards of quality. This is primarily evaluated by examination of a potential supplier’s quality management system
  • Equal Opportunities. The council has a legal duty to promote diversity and good relations between races. We promote equal opportunities for all diverse groups, as service users, employees and within supply chains. Suppliers are expected to demonstrate an embedded equal opportunities policy
  • Health and Safety. Potential suppliers must demonstrate compliance with all relevant legislation, and demonstrate policies and processes that address all risk inherent in the goods/services/works being procured
  • Sustainability. Suppliers must demonstrate, through policies and processes, how they have considered and minimised negative impacts that the procurement has on the environment
  • Financial Stability. Through analysis of financial accounts and credit reference agencies, the council will evaluate potential suppliers, so that the risk of a supplier ceasing trading, with the consequent impact on service delivery, is minimised
  • Status and Legitimacy. Suppliers are required to demonstrate appropriate levels of insurance cover, compliance with taxation and social security legislation, Criminal Record Bureau checks and so on, as appropriate to the individual procurement

Contracts Forward Plan

The Central Procurement Unit has introduced the Contracts Forward Plan (CFP). The purpose of the CFP is to inform the entire organisation of the new contracts that are to be procured in each quarter of the Financial Year.

The CFP will be published in Q1 (April- June), Q2 (July- September), Q3 (October - December) and Q4 (January- March). Contract information will be sought from and is to be provided from colleagues that will have to award new contracts required for the delivery of their respective services.

The Central Procurement Unit will continue to contact each directorate to assist in providing the CFP content and shape the accuracy of information required, this will take place in the month immediately before the CFP is to be provided.

Q1 (April- June) CFP and Q2 (July- September) have now been published and are available to view in the table below.

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Terms and conditions considered in contracts

We have standardised the terms and conditions under which we let contracts. These are listed below:

Table: Terms and conditions considered in contracts

File nameFile typeSize
Framework agreement for goods - multi supplierMS Word307KB
Framework agreement for goods - single supplierMS Word287KB
Framework agreement for services - multi supplierMS Word296KB
Framework agreement for services - single supplierMS Word275KB
Standard hire agreementMS Word154KB
Standard goods contractMS Word231KB
Standard services contract - no TUPEMS Word238KB
Standard services contract - TUPE includedMS Word260KB
Standard short form services agreementMS Word217KB
Contracts Forward Plan Q2 FY1516 (Current Contracts)MS Excel27KB
Contracts Forward Plan Q2 FY1516 (New Procurement)MS Excel10KB
Contracts Forward Plan Q1 FY1516 (Current Contracts)MS Excel35KB

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Attached files

Council conditions of orderDOC25.5 KB
Contracts Register - July 2015PDF 1.12 MB
Contracts Register - July 2015CSV205.49 KB

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28 August 2015

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