Family and Personal Life

Depression, stress and anxiety are experienced by people of all ages, but these may be caused by particular events such as bereavement, loss of income and change in status due to retirement or relationship problems. This section gives you information about organisations you can contact for help, advice and support if you are experiencing any of these or related problems. Some of the organisations have counsellors who are trained to listen to you and they will give you the time you need to express your feelings.

Children and grandchildren

Grandparents can play an important role in their grandchildren’s lives, especially if the relationship between the parents breaks down. Under the Children Act 1989, grandparents are entitled to apply for a variety of rights in relation to their grandchildren. These are complex issues, which may need specialist advice. Organisations such as Age Concern and citizens advice bureaux may be able to refer you to specialist help.

Grandparents Plus (external link) aims to raise the profile of grandparents and the extended family as providers of essential care, especially to vulnerable children.
Tel 0300 123 7015.

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Personal relationships and sexuality

Relate (external link) can provide support on all kinds of relationships – including relationships with your partner, your children, your siblings or even your boss. Contact the local office or look at their website for information on local counselling centres.

WPF Counselling (Westminster Pastoral Foundation) (external link) aims to provide affordable counselling and psychotherapy to people with emotional, psychological and relationship problems.

Tavistock Relationships (external link)

The Jewish Marriage Council (external link) is committed to the promotion of Jewish marriage and family life within a Jewish environment. It provides advice, support, counselling and workshops to all members of the Jewish community.
Tel 020 8203 6311.

London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard (external link) provides an information, support and referral service for lesbians, gay men and bisexual people from all backgrounds.
Tel 0300 330 0630.

Opening Doors London (external link) provides information and support services specifically for older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) people.
Tel 020 7239 0400.

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Tackling loneliness

Information about Local activities and groups is in Staying active and healthy. This will help you to keep in contact with old friends and to meet new people. The following services are designed to help older people who live alone or feel isolated for other reasons.

Contact the Elderly (external link) - groups organise gatherings for frail, older people who live alone. One Sunday afternoon a month, volunteer drivers take elderly people on regular visits to hosts’ homes.
24 hour answerphone: 0800 716 543.

Independent Age (external link) - organise regular phone calls or visits from one of their volunteers.
Tel 0800 319 6789.

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Local churches, mosques, synagogues and temples provide many facilities and services to their congregation and local community. You may want to get information from your local faith centre about what they can offer.

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Domestic violence

Hearthstone is Haringey's domestic violence advice and support centre. Survivors of domestic violence can gain access to all of the support they will need in one place.
Tel 020 8888 5362.

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November 14, 2022