Support to manage your money

You can obtain support to help you manage and make the most of your money or if you have any worries or concerns. 

You may qualify for support through Haringey’s Council Tax Reduction scheme if you live alone or are on a low income.

Pension Credit and local support

Protecting you against financial abuse or coercion

Everyone has the right to financial independence. If your partner or someone else in your life like a family member, friend, or carer is controlling your money or running up debts in your name, whether or not it’s accompanied by aggression or physical violence, it’s financial abuse.

If you have concerns, please share these with someone you trust: a friend or relative, your GP, care worker or social worker. Remember that financial abuse can involve criminal activity and should be reported so that it can be stopped.

Help if someone is abusing you

If you are a woman and you are worried about violence or abuse from your partner, ex-partner or a member of your family, visit our Getting help for VAWG page for help and advice.

If you are worried about financial abuse or mistreatment by a carer or a member of your family, or anyone else, you can report the abuse to Social Services.

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Page last updated:

February 20, 2023