What is a learning disability?

The Haringey Learning Disabilities Team work with adults with a global learning disability diagnosis.

A global learning disability diagnosis means a person meets all three of the following criteria:

  • A significant cognitive impairment - ie an IQ below 70
  • A significant impairment in daily living skills
  • The onset of disability started before adulthood, with a lasting effect on development

This does not include people with the following, unless they also have a global learning disability:

  • People with specific learning difficulties (eg dyslexia)
  • People who get a cognitive impairment at a later age (eg brain injury, stroke, dementia)
  • People with developmental disorders including autism and ADHD

Please contact First Response Team if you require help from Adult Social Care, or speak to your GP about health support.

If you have a learning disability or care for someone with a learning disability, we might be able to support you. If we are not the right service for you, we will aim to provide you with information, signposting and advice to enable you to get the help you need from other services.

If you would like to refer yourself, or someone you know please either

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Page last updated:

October 24, 2022