Getting Back Your Independence - Reablement

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What is reablement?

Reablement is based on the principles of rehabilitation. It is done in your own home with specially skilled reablement carers - called enablers - who are trained to support you to get stronger and more confident with day to day activities. They offer new strategies and techniques to perform tasks, and work with you to get physically stronger and more confident. Reablement can get you back to the level of independence you had before. You will have a therapist allocated to support your reablement programme. Enablers will also look at your home set-up to establish if small or large adaptations can make activities easier or safer.

The service is free of charge. The programme can be up to 6 weeks long. We often find that people recover far faster than that and don’t need our input after a couple of weeks.

The Haringey Joint Community Reablement Service can support you getting back on your feet after a spell in hospital, or prevent you going into hospital in the first place.

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How can we help?

We now have our own Reablement team. This is a team of carers who help build your confidence and skills after illness or a fall, and help you to maximise your independence and regain your skills such as getting washed and dressed, making a drink etc after a hospital stay, or where you may need a bit more intensive support to help you stay out of hospital.

This service offers intensive support and its focus is working with, not doing to you, to help you to re-build your strength and confidence with the sole aim of putting you in control and improving your quality of life. It is a free service, usually for four to six weeks. Should you need ongoing care after this, care support will be arranged to meet your needs.

The programme will be designed around your individual needs. This means we can be flexible around your getting up times, meal times and rehabilitation activities.

Over the period, we’ll work with you and your family and agree how to gradually reduce the support given as your confidence and independence grows.

You may still have some care needs at the end of your programme, but we aim to support you so these are as low as possible. If you still need help, you will be offered long-term support through our partner agencies, or through a long-term home care package.

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How to take part

In order to start the programme, NHS staff (usually hospital staff) need to refer you to our Single Point of Access.

If you are at home, you can refer yourself via the First Response Team who will give you an initial assessment to work out if this is an appropriate programme for you.

If the programme looks suitable for you, they will refer you to the Joint Reablement Assessment Team, who will give you a full assessment with an Occupational Therapist or a Physiotherapist, and work with you to agree a Reablement Plan around your particular needs.

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The programme is free. If you need support after it finishes, you may need to contribute towards the cost of support. However, the cost should be lower because you’ll need less help after your successful programme of rehabilitation.

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January 12, 2023