Great Mental Health Day - top 10 tips

On Friday 26 January 2024, London will host its third Great Mental Health Day (GMHD) across the region. 

The initiative began last year to encourage Londoners to talk about mental health, understand that it is okay to ask for help and to learn more about the support available. 

To mark the day, we are hosting a series of activities across the borough which celebrate the power of community kindness including fêtes, webinars, walks, workshops and more. Visit Haringey’s GMHD page for more information about Great Mental Health Day, including where you can find local events.

Below are 10 tips to boost your mental wellbeing and resilience, signposting you to resources and services available in Haringey.

1 - Get help with financial stress 

Stress over finances can hit your mental wellbeing hard. As the cost of living continues to rise, Haringey’s Here to Help pages display information about the services available, to help you through this difficult time and beyond.

2 - Eat well

The Trussell Trust is working to end UK hunger and food poverty by providing a network of food banks which offer emergency support to people in crisis. Locate your nearest foodbank (external link) by adding in your postcode location. 

3 - Stay warm, make friends

The cost of living crisis has led to tough decisions for many households about whether to 'heat or eat'. Haringey’s Warm Spaces were designed to help anyone needing warmth and a welcoming space. Our warm welcome spaces will reopen this winter 2023/24.

4 - Get active

Research shows exercise can improve mental health and wellbeing. Physical activity has shown to be very effective in reducing levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Try a free  Winter Workout 2023 (PDF, 1MB)

5 - Get employment help

Studies show being in employment can be good for your mental health. A job can provide a sense of identity, contact and friendship with others, structure and a steady routine as well as opportunities to gain new skills. Haringey Works Employment and Skills Team support Haringey residents into employment. 

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6 - Get housing help 

There is a close relationship between housing and mental health. Damp or cold homes, overcrowding and rent arrears can all cause poor mental wellbeing. A range of housing support is available for Haringey residents including housing benefit guidance, damp and mould advice and general housing guidance.  

7 - There’s help if you are a carer 

It can be tough when caring for someone else and you may find it hard to switch off. If you’re a carer, help is available. Carers First (external link) offers the necessary support to the 20,500 unpaid carers living in Haringey.

8 - Build community connections 

Connecting with others is really important for our wellbeing. Haringey’s Local Area Co-ordinators support residents to achieve their vision of a “good life” through tailored individual and group support. 

9 - Get out into nature 

Access to parks and green spaces is important for our mental wellbeing. Being in nature has a positive effect on our mental health. Pop along to one of Haringey’s wellbeing walks across Haringey’s parks and green spaces.

10 - Take advantage of mental health education 

Visit one of the jewels in Haringey’s crown: Clarendon Recovery College. The College offers free, educational courses to support recovery for those with lived experience, or supporting those, with mental ill health. 

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Page last updated:

January 11, 2024