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Great Mental Health is an ambitious and exciting programme comprising of a diverse range of activities, initiatives and resources to support Haringey residents of all ages to maintain good mental health and wellbeing.

We want residents to be supported in achieving whatever great mental health means to them and to empower people to continue to support others within the community. Through promoting kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others and building on existing assets and partnerships, we aspire to make a big impact on mental health in Haringey.

The programme will run from August 2021 to July 2022. It consists of 7 separate prevention and promotion programmes of activity led by different organisations which are designed to lessen the mental health impacts arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and reduce widening mental health inequalities.

Some activities will be tailored for specific groups of the population and will have a focus on ensuring those with the greatest needs in the borough are reached. Local initiatives are wide-ranging and will include the promotion of the 5 ways to wellbeing and support for those who have experienced grief, bereavement, loneliness and domestic abuse. Community mental health ambassadors and navigators will work to establish befriending groups and help support residents to access wellbeing activities and services.

Digital mental health support, resources and information will be available for free to people of all ages to support people with stress, anxiety, depression and sleep problems. These will also include information about mental health, self-help resources, podcasts, workbooks and culturally competent resources for people of different faiths.

Some initiatives will be based in the east of the borough where information indicates mental health needs and deprivation are greatest.

The 7 work programmes are as follows - all are external links: 

  1. Community Protect
  2. Community Navigators
  3. Haringey Bereavement Network
  4. Digital Interventions (Good Thinking)
  5. Targeted digital interventions
  6. Mental Health and its links to Domestic Violence
  7. ABC Parenting

The above links will be updated to reflect the Great Mental Health programme of work on each partner site.

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Why is this project so important?

Nationally, pre-pandemic, over a year approximately a quarter of all people experienced a mental health problem. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented levels of depression, anxiety and other related issues such as loneliness and social isolation. The local evidence base shows that the prevalence of these issues has also increased significantly across Haringey in light of the pandemic.

In addition to the 7 programmes and to support Haringey residents, a Resource Hub has been developed which provides a platform where resources and best practice surrounding good mental health and well-being are collated.

Mental Health Resource Hub

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Great Mental Health Day - 28 January 2022

Great Mental Health Day took place on Friday 28 January 2022.

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