Sugar Smart Haringey logoSUGAR SMART Haringey aims to make it easier for residents of all ages to reduce their sugar consumption and drink more water by asking our community leaders* to make small improvements to their food environment. We encourage changes in three areas: tackling sugary drinks, sugary food/snacks, and sugar awareness/advertising. SUGAR SMART is a national grassroots campaign led by Sustain and championed by over 50 local communities across the UK.

* Our community leaders include Haringey’s schools, early years centres, businesses and organisations including retailers, restaurants, sports and leisure centres, and workplaces. All are welcome to sign up - if food is sold or eaten at your workplace, you can join!

We need your help

Haringey has a sugar problem. High sugar consumption contributes to tooth decay (the biggest cause of hospital admission for ages 5-9) and excess energy intake which causes obesity. Obesity on average shortens someone’s life by 9 years, leads to a 5x increased the risk of type 2 diabetes and 3x increased risk of colon cancer. It is responsible for 30,000 deaths per year while costing the NHS around £6.1 billion. Haringey children eat 3x the recommended maximum for free sugars. Over 1 in 3 Year 6 children in Haringey are overweight or obese, rising to almost 2 in 3 adults.

We need your help to create a healthier food environment and so improve the health of the people who live, work and visit here. The SUGAR SMART HARINGEY campaign encourages schools, businesses and organisations to make small improvements to their food environment to help people to eat less sugar and drink more water.

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Join the SUGAR SMART Haringey campaign

We believe that small changes, implemented by large numbers of local partners, can really shift the unhealthy food environments around us and help to create an environment for our local community where the healthier choice is the easier and more affordable choice.

  1. Sign up to our campaign on the national SUGAR SMART website (external link)
  2. Aim to achieve SUGAR SMART Haringey status: download, fill in and return your completed SUGAR SMART checklist to
  3. Shh! Please do not post or talk about joining SUGAR SMART Haringey until you hear from us!

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Who is SUGAR SMART in Haringey?

SUGAR SMART Haringey achievers

  • The Whittington Hospital (in collaboration with SUGAR SMART Islington)
  • Coldfall Primary School
  • Alexandra Primary School

SUGAR SMART Haringey participants

All sectors are welcome to sign-up to the campaign. So far, pledges have been made by:

  • Fusion leisure provider
  • Rokesly Junior School
  • Tiverton Primary School
  • Lea Valley Primary School
  • Trinity Primary Academy
  • St Martin of Porres Catholic Primary School
  • North Harringay Primary School
  • Rowland Hill Nursery
  • Octagon AP Academy
  • Dixons Carphone

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Page last updated:

August 5, 2022