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For local adult health advice and support to eat well and manage your weight, call 020 8885 9095 or visit the One You Haringey website (external link).

Play your part in making Haringey a healthier place

We’re working with communities and residents to help improve your health and wellbeing so that you can take full advantage of the opportunities available to you in Haringey and enjoy a healthy, safe and fulfilling life.

Together with our partners from health, social care, schools, community groups, local businesses and elsewhere – we’re making Haringey a healthier place where:

  • Developing a Food Charter for local businesses and schools makes sure nutritious food is affordable and readily available
  • Promoting the Healthy Schools London programme supports children to maintain healthy lifestyles and good health and wellbeing
  • Investing in our parks and leisure centres ensures that people can make use of first class recreational facilities in Haringey
  • Introducing a borough-wide 20mph zone makes our residential roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Improving Haringey’s built environment leads to the healthiest choice also becoming the easiest choice

Through these actions and more we believe that we can create a healthier Haringey, where people live longer and are free of long-term health conditions, their quality of life is good and there are fewer health inequalities.

What we're doing

Haringey Obesity Conference - The purpose of this conference is to reach a broader understanding of the challenges and difficulties people face in maintaining a healthy weight. The event aims to co-produce solutions with a range of stakeholders from many different positions.

A exciting mix of speakers, including Nicole Pisani, previously chef at Gayhurst Community school in Hackney, Paralympic athlete Liz Johnson and the creators of Chicken Town, will be showcasing innovative national and local campaigns and projects; with workshops throughout the day to capture Haringey’s commitment to working together to reduce obesity.

Healthier Catering Commitment - A recommendation from the Health and Well-being Strategy that Haringey Council should work with fast food outlets to provide healthier food choices for their customers.

Haringey Fast Food-Free Zone - A proposal put forward to ban fat-filled takeaways from opening their doors around the borough’s schools. New hot food takeaways would be barred from opening within 400m of primary and secondary schools under the proposals in the council’s Local Plan Making documents. The plans, which also seek to limit the amount of the shops outside of the exclusion zone, aim to encourage more pupils to eat the healthy food on offer inside their schools rather than walking to nearby takeaways.

Play your part

Haringey Smarter Travel - A borough wide initiative that informs residents on ways in which they can utilise alternative transport methods (walking and cycling) to keep fit. For more information on upcoming events please visit the Haringey Smarter Travel page.

Leisure and Sports Activities - for information on the leisure and sports facilities open across Haringey please visit our Leisure and Sports page.

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April 19, 2022