Domestic Homicide Reviews

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Have you been affected by a domestic homicide?

Leaflets are available for friends, family members and colleagues from the Home Office website (external link).

AAFDA - Action After Fatal Domestic Abuse (external link) are also available to offer support to those affected by a domestic homicide.

Domestic Homicide Reviews

When a person is killed by an intimate partner or a family member an independent review of the case must be conducted. Consideration to hold a Domestic Homicide Review is required by law.

Family members, friends and colleagues of the victim - and where possible the perpetrator - are central to the Domestic Homicide Review process, if they wish to be. The independent chair will aim to make contact with friends and family, to enable them to inform the review constructively, by ensuring a more complete view of the lives of the individuals concerned. Below are Domestic Homicide Reviews that have taken place in Haringey:

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Case of Eleena | March 2018

Case of Jayne | December 2016

Case of Asen | February 2016

Case of RB | March 2014

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Case of Adult A | March 2014

Case of Louise | December 2013

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How we conduct Domestic Homicide Reviews

The Home Office has published guidance on when we need to set up a Domestic Homicide Review and how to do it. The Home Office website (external link) expands on this. Domestic Homicide Reviews are not inquiries into how the victim died or into who is culpable; that is a matter for coroners and criminal courts, respectively, to determine as appropriate.

If a domestic homicide takes place in Haringey or if the victim is a Haringey resident, the police immediately inform the Chair of the Community Safety Partnership. The Community Safety Partnership must decide whether a Domestic Homicide Review will take place, and if so, appoint an independent chair. If one is established, all the information that is shared in support of the Review is confidential, until such time as the Review is published.

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May 16, 2022