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The Anchor Approach - Training

Training, guidance and resources are available for staff working in different settings to use with children and their families. These are informed by research focussed on relationship building, emotional wellbeing and brain development.

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Whole School Training Programme (school-based)

The Anchor Approach whole-school training bundle provides school staff with strategies that can be applied every day, bridging research and practise. It supports schools to:

  • Improve whole-school wellbeing by embedding attachment aware practice 
  • Reduce challenging behaviour
  • Increase concentration for raised attainment

For more information see the Anchor Training and Events 2020-21 (PDF, 294KB).

Please submit all booking enquires to the Anchor Approach email address:

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Central School Training Offer


The Anchor Approach offers multi-agency training that is delivered centrally throughout the year. The aim of this training is to offer a catch-up session for new staff to your school if the school is using the Anchor Approach and has already received whole school training.

In response to requests from members, the Emotional Wellbeing Forum will run twice a year (rather than once) - in the spring and summer terms 2021.

The Anchor Approach is increasing school staff training in the Youth Mental Health First Aid training programme to meet the current need - Emotional Wellbeing leads will be contacted directly with this offer.

Details of this training can be found in the Anchor Training and Events 2020-21 (PDF, 294KB).

Please submit all booking enquires to the Anchor Approach email address:

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Education with Resilience and Wellbeing in Mind

(Formerly Returning to School With Resilience and Wellbeing in Mind).

Anchor Training Image

A practical guide with supporting tools - for schools to work with children and young people of all ages, who have increased levels of anxiety in the climate of COVID-19.

This resource is intended to support children and young people over the coming months, as we live with and recover from COVID-19.

Anchor resource to support resilience and wellbeing:

Training to support the resource above:

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

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Philosophy session plans

Click image below for larger version:

Philosophical enquiry flyer - click for larger version (JPG, 400KB)

Working in partnership with Stephen Bovey at Highgate school we have developed philosophical enquiry session plans based on the Resilience Wheel, a sample session outline is available on the tools page (lesson plans are included in the training bundle).

For more information email

Emotional Wellbeing Forum

This termly forum is for all Haringey schools. It runs for 1.5 hours and is currently meeting virtually via Microsoft Teams.

The forum is well-attended by Emotional Wellbeing Leads and is a multi-agency event, so is a great networking opportunity.

Please submit all booking enquires to the Anchor Approach email address:

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This is available to support health care professionals to use the Anchor approach to assess bio-social needs, identifying areas of strength and areas for development, as appropriate. Also, to develop strategies and interventions to meet those needs within the Signs of Safety framework.

Support is available to work with teams to apply the thinking to casework as appropriate.

Training to support health staff to use tools is available within the wellbeing pathway.

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Social care

The Anchor Approach has worked with Haringey Fostering Service and Young Adults Service to run training for staff and also for foster carers. Resources have been made available to help embed learning.

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June 27, 2022