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The Anchor Approach - Information for Schools

The Anchor Approach provides education settings with information, advice and support to strengthen whole-school wellbeing and resilience.

It also equips schools to work with those who care for and work with children out of school to promote a holistic approach to resilience and wellbeing, reducing challenging behaviour and increasing concentration for raised attainment.

The project also offers a bespoke approach to building the capacity of schools to meet emotional needs for improved behaviour and increased concentration, based on the context of each school.

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Emotional Wellbeing Lead

In 2016 Haringey Council established the Emotional Wellbeing Lead Role (PDF, 196KB) in schools. The document: Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision: a Green Paper and Next Steps (July 2018) recommends this role is established in every school.

The Emotional Wellbeing Lead role is the equivalent of the role described nationally as the ‘Mental Health Lead’. In Haringey, it was agreed that Emotional Wellbeing Lead is less stigmatizing than ‘Mental Health Lead’.

Emotional Wellbeing Leads receive regular updates about local and national initiatives electronically, via the Emotional Wellbeing Forum and through training, events and conferences.

For more information contact: or see the forum dates on the training page.

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Case specific support

The Anchor Approach is committed to on-going development of the work, including case specific involvement. For schools working to embed the model, we are able to offer support with pupils whose behaviour is of concern. For more information contact

Building resilience at home and in clubs - the Anchor Approach works with schools to support parents to use a wellbeing and resilience approach at home and to encourage children and young people to access clubs and activities outside school for greater resilience and increased attainment.

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What has been achieved

The majority of Haringey schools have sent one or more staff member to at least one training session or conference. The Anchor Approach has delivered whole school training in 25 educational establishments in Haringey and will be working in 7 additional schools in the Autumn and Spring terms 2020/21, with continual requests from others.

'We are definitely better 'practitioners' since attending the course. We are managing specific behaviours with empathy and understanding.’

Deputy Head, Bounds Green Primary School

'We are now giving children the skills to survive and recover for the future. We’ve never done recovery in the past. I always felt we were just applying a sticking plaster - we’ve been containing children and trying not to exclude but we weren’t able to help them. Then they were getting excluded when they went to secondary school.’

Deputy, Risley Avenue 

‘The training we have had from the Anchor Approach has been great and feels more current and appropriate!’

Deputy, West Green Primary

‘This is high quality training with the words ‘trauma’ and ‘attachment’ strongly contextualized, providing both meaning and framing as I have rarely seen before’

Head, Harris Academy Tottenham

'I now have tools I didn’t have before and feel equipped to deal with situations I would have struggled with before’

Mentor, Risley Avenue Primary

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