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The Anchor Approach - Information for Parents and Carers

The Anchor Approach supports school staff to work with parents/carers so that communication with their children/young people becomes stronger and parent/carer confidence is increased. The work also supports parents/carers to manage behaviour and promote the emotional growth needs of their children/young people.


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The Anchor Approach has created ‘How to Be’ home tool. It informs parents/carers and increases confidence to manage behaviour, help children to regulate their emotions and to have common language to speak confidently with education, health and social care staff. It helps parents understand what they can do to support high levels of wellbeing in their children/young people, according to research.

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What has been achieved

  • An easy to use resource for parents developed and produced – launched autumn 2017.
  • A range of training available for school staff to support parents.

‘I am delighted that my son's school is engaged with this project. It has given us a language to talk to the school with, and a way of talking through problems with staff if they arise. It was great to be at the training with school staff.’

- Parent, Chestnuts Primary School

'It has helped me to take a breath & not just dive straight in. It means that we don’t tumble into a situation that then gets worse because I don’t know how to respond.’

- Foster Carer

'It helps me to feel less attached to the problem & more empowered to look for a solution.’

- Foster Carer

'Having a strategy or phrase can help prevent making a situation worse.’

- Foster Carer

'It helps us to look for solutions that are outside our experience & that we wouldn't have tried before.’

- Foster Carer

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June 27, 2022