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The Anchor Approach - Information for Health Professionals

The Anchor Approach teamed up with colleagues delivering the 0-5 Healthy Child Programme to lead the development and commissioning of tools to support families to increase the emotional health and wellbeing of their children. It employs a “train the trainer” approach to training professionals across public service sectors.

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The Anchor Approach has focused on supporting parents to provide the optimal stimulatory environment for their child to reach their neurodevelopmental potential, meet developmental goals and achieve school readiness.

In health, there are two strands led by the project and delivered via the 0-5 Healthy Child Programme:

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Team Talk

Team Talk coordinates information shared with parents verbally by health professionals during anti and post-natal appointments.

It has been developed to be used by various health professionals including: midwives, health visitors, sonographers, paediatricians, GPs and practice nurses focussing on:

  • connecting through touch and cuddles,
  • responding promptly and consistently,
  • connecting through speech,
  • language and communication,
  • supporting physical development and
  • learning to recognise baby’s needs.

Roll out began in Autumn 2020.

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KCAs Five to Thrive

Kate Cairns Associates (KCA) ‘Five to Thrive’ provides specific information to support healthy attachment relationships for parents and is facilitated by health staff.

  • service has been commissioned
  • training and roll-out Spring 2018

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Resilience Wheel

School Nurses across Haringey are working to adopt The resilience wheel (PDF, 52KB) to support their Emotional Wellbeing remit within schools.

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Focus Group

The following report was written and shared following a series of focus groups with parents of children under 2 years.

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