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The Anchor Approach - Information for Club Leaders

The Anchor Approach supports club leaders to understand child/young person behaviour and suggest ways to work with them to help children settle in a new environment, join in with others and be able to contribute to the group.

This is achieved via support to the school and parents, who can share their own understanding via the ‘How to Be’ club tool.

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‘How to Be’ club tool

The ‘How to Be’ club tool can support adults to work with children and young people, especially those children who find it difficult to manage in group situations and who would benefit from activities and clubs outside school.

The tool provides parents with an accessible resource to pass on to leaders running clubs and activities outside school; to help children with emotional and behaviour needs to settle.

Research has shown that attending two or more organised clubs/activities outside school each week has a direct impact on increasing attainment. The tool is a resource to support vulnerable children and young people with emotional needs to attend activities and clubs outside school by supporting club leaders to understand attachment aware practice and principles.

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What has been achieved

  • An easy to use resource for club leaders developed and produced – launched autumn 2017. Anchor is currently working with schools to disseminate use of the ‘How to Be’ club tool across the borough.

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June 27, 2022