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The Anchor Approach - Context and Achievements


Mission Statement

The Haringey Anchor Approach:

  • supports an increase in child and family resilience
  • builds stable communities using a common language
  • empowers parents, carers and professionals to work together
  • uses tools and language in the home, schools and other settings to reduce school and home breakdown, reducing harm and increasing social inclusion
  • equips adults to invest in healthy parent/ child relationships for improved social, emotional and mental wellbeing
  • increases confidence of parents/carers to share knowledge of their children and successful strategies with professionals
  • upholds the rights of children, listening to them

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Creation of the Anchor Approach

Work on relational resilience began in Haringey Virtual School from 2010 onwards. The Virtual School is tasked with raising the educational attainment of Haringey children in care who live both in and outside Haringey. The initial approaches developed contributed to the steady and consistent increase in attainment scores of Haringey looked after children.

In April 2016 the Anchor Approach was established within Public Health. Since this time the framework has been developed in response to, and in consultation with, schools, social care, health, parents, wider LA departments and the third sector.

The work is research-based, informing the thinking behind the tools and training which is central to The Anchor Approach.

The Haringey Anchor Approach is jointly funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Public Health and Children’s Services Departments, and forms part of the Local Transformation Plan.

Partner organisations include Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and Highgate School.

The Anchor Approach was one of six national projects selected by the LGA to be part of an exhibition at the Houses of Parliament in May 2018 as an example of innovative practice to support mental health & wellbeing.

The Anchor Approach manager was invited to speak about the work of the project at the 25th Black Hills Seminar, South Dakota in July 2018.

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National Pilot Project

Attachment Research Community has been developed out of a national project.

Haringey was one of five local authorities Bath Spa University and Kate Cairns Associate involved in the national pilot project to produce a piece of action research linking attachment aware, trauma informed practice and raising achievement. 

Early findings suggest

  • learning gains,
  • increased concentration,
  • increased attendance,
  • reduced behaviour incidences and
  • reduced exclusion

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