Accidents are a major cause of injury, disability and death, particularly among young children and older people. In England, accidents are responsible for 10,000 deaths a year. Accidents have a significant impact on society both emotionally and financially. The following factors have been proven to have an affect on accident rates:

  • Age
  • Gender - statistically males have more accidents than females
  • Environmental hazards e.g. poorly maintained housing
  • Social deprivation e.g. homelessness and poor health
  • Physical and mental health - depression and stress can increase the risk of accidents
  • Alcohol and drugs - a factor in 20% - 30% of all accidents
  • Seasonal variations
  • Human behaviour - an individual's attitude toward risk and safety is a major contributor of accident rates

Fire safety and accidents

Fire is a serious issue where community safety is concerned. For information on safety around fire please visit the London Fire Brigade website (external link). Most Accidents are preventable, for detailed advice please visit the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents website (external link).

Request a home fire safety visit

See the Fire Brigade's Home Fire Safety page (external link) for information on free home safety checks and smoke alarms.

Always remember, if fire breaks out - get out, stay out and call 999 - don't try to fight a fire yourself.

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