Receiving Direct Payments

Payment from Haringey Council

Your initial payment will include money paid from the date your care started. After this, your money will be paid in advance every four weeks.

You are expected to keep records of all expenditure relating to your direct payments, including your bank statements and invoices

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How much is the direct payment?

How much you get in direct payments depends on what money you have. A financial assessment will be undertaken to determine whether you need to make a financial contribution towards your care and support. Haringey Council will deduct the assessed contribution from the total amount of direct payment payable. You will then need to pay your contribution into the designated direct payment account. This will be discussed and agreed with your social worker. You will then get advice about how much the care package will cost from the council’s Brokerage and Payment Service. The standard gross hourly rate is set each year by Haringey Council.

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How will I receive the money?

Your direct payment will be paid from the start date of your direct payment and four weeks in advance into your prepaid card account, or to your managed payroll provider, or to a dedicated bank account.

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A prepaid card account

A prepaid card account is just like a current account from your bank with a debit card. The cards have direct payments loaded on to them. You will not get a cash payment and will not need need to open a separate bank account. You can then use the card to pay for care services just like a debit card, either in person, over the internet or by telephone.

For more information, see  Prepaid Card Accounts factsheet (PDF, 103KB)

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Managed payroll account

  • Managed accounts could be easier for you because it provides a third party to help you with managing the financial element of the direct payment.
  • If you choose to have a managed account, the Council will pay the direct payment funds into the managed account instead of setting up a prepaid card account on your own direct payment bank account. All payments such as personal assistant (PA) wages or agency invoices are made on your behalf by the support organisation providing this service.
  • You will still retain full control over your direct payments and will be responsible for the appropriate use of your funds. The cost of having a managed account will come out of your direct payment.
  • For more information, see  Payroll services (PDF, 123KB)

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Page last updated:

October 4, 2022