Direct Payments

Direct payments are money payments paid to you by the council to pay for your care and support. They are an easy and convenient way of receiving the council's part of your personal budget, which is the amount of money you need to pay for your care and support.

Direct payments mean that you are in charge, they give you more choice and control over the care you receive and allow you to decide who gives the care and how and when they work with you.

Who can get a Direct Payment

You may be able to get a direct payment if you have been assessed by Adult Social Services as needing community care services.

How to get a Direct Payment

To determine if you are entitled to receive a Direct Payment, we must complete an assessment to confirm whether you have eligible needs.

Support plans

If you are eligible for a personal budget direct payments, the next step is to agree on a support plan. This describes the care and support you need and how you will use your personal budget to pay for it.

What your budget can be used for

Direct Payments can be spent on care support that has been identified and agreed within your support plan.


To receive your direct payments, you must open a prepaid card account.

If your care and support breaks down

If your arrangements break down, you should not be left without the services you need. Contact your Direct Payments Support Team or First Response Team once you realise that you need help.

Monitoring and auditing of your account

The council requires you to account for the money that you spend from your direct payments account as detailed in your agreement.

Receiving a Direct Payment while away from home

Support for managing your direct payment while admitted to hospital.

Support available/More information

The Direct Payments Support Team will provide you with information, advice and practical support.

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October 24, 2022