Wood Green Voices

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Wood Green Voices Feedback Event 

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Tuesday 28 March at Rising Green Youth Hub to: 

  • hear the findings from the Wood Green Voices project
  • vomment on the themes that Haringey Council will be focusing on as a result
  • help us think about the actions that could have most impact under each theme, and how we can develop them in collaboration with other organisations, businesses and residents

Lots of great conversations were had about the priorities for action and what the community want to see happen next. 

This event was the first stage in the development of a Wood Green Action Plan. There will be other opportunities to get involved in the months ahead!

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Further information

Background to Wood Green Voices 

We’re all navigating our way through unprecedented times. Severe weather events due to global warming present major challenges; and the COVID pandemic has fundamentally changed how we use connect with local spaces, places and our community. Now the cost-of-living crisis is impacting how we live our lives.

We want to make sure any projects or plans to improve Wood Green will reflect your priorities. Wood Green is an established place and there are things the council can’t change, but we want to start a conversation with you about those things we can.

This is a fresh start, a new approach to placemaking in Wood Green and a real opportunity to influence your local area.

The documents below are just for information as the in-person events have taken place and the online survey has now closed.

Leaflet translations:

Wood Green Voices exhibition boards:

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August 4, 2023