(RE)imagine Wood Green

All of the (RE)imagine Wood Green artworks are now complete.

We would like to thank those who participated in the development of the project. The artworks have already had a positive impact on the area and are enjoyed by visitors, local businesses and residents.

Meet the artists 

Site 1 - Cycle stand outside Duckett’s Common

Cycle racks that have been redesigned at Turnpike Lane

Artist - Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa

"Growing up in London as a half Chilean, half Scottish artist amongst people from all over the world and different backgrounds, I have found that one thing that brings us together is colour. We all have a relationship with it and I have noticed that used in a specific way, it gives people a lot of joy.

"My aim in life is to make people happy through colour and shapes. Working as a mural artist, I use collage as a way for me to express myself and get ideas down quickly without overthinking it. It helps me experiment and play with composition and plan for new murals.”

You can find more of Eloisa’s work on her website (external link).

Site 2 - Lighting columns at Lymington Avenue

Lymington Avenue lighting columns

Artist - May Glen

"I’m a London-based creative working across relief printmaking and digital illustration. My bold, often colourful, style is a reflection of my extensive experience as a graphic designer.  My personal work is inspired by domestic environments and notions of ‘home’, but I often produce commissioned pieces with an emphasis on plants, nature and animals."

You can see more of May’s work on her website (external link).

Site 3 - Library wall along alleyway

Wood Green library mural by Anna Nicolo

Artist - Anna Nicolo

"I am an illustrator and graphic artist living and working in London. My work is influenced by my graphic design background, often combining hand drawn elements, geometric shapes and thoughtful compositions to create images that celebrate the everyday. I strive to create work that’s playful and uplifting. 

"I was inspired by the cascading silhouette of the library building, which reminds me of rows 
of bookshelves. Using the large canvas this wall provides, I propose turning the side of the 
building into a giant bookshelf.

"The rows of books with the bright and colourful graphic spines create a vibrant pattern that envelops the side of the building from street level to the very top."

You can find more of Anna’s work on her website (external link).

Why did we want to '(Re)Imagine' Wood Green?

By improving the immediate aesthetics of Wood Green High Road and the town centre, this project will draw renewed attention and increased footfall to the local area. 

The pandemic led to an even greater increase in online shopping. In order to compete the high street needs to become a place where people want to linger, to shop, to be entertained, to meet friends. An improved, more welcoming environment will help with this. 

The project has:

  • supported high street recovery through asking local creatives to reimagine spaces through small, short-medium term artistic placemaking interventions
  • supported the temporary employment and income generation of those working in a sector that has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic
  • promoted and advertised local artists and their talents to the borough

The project was funded by Haringey Council through the Good Economy Recovery Plan and was delivered in partnership with Bud Studio (external link).

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February 15, 2024