Civic Centre redevelopment

The Civic Centre closed in Spring 2020 as the condition of the building had significantly deteriorated and needed major repair and replacement. A design team were appointed by Haringey Council to investigate how the Civic Centre could be refurbished, redeveloped, and brought back into use for the council.

The vision for the Civic Centre is to deliver a new high-quality office space which will prioritise flexibility and staff wellbeing, enable wider public use and contribute to a sustainable future.

The images on this page show proposed views of the Civic Centre from High Road N22 and Trinity Road N22.

Civic Centre redevelopment website

Have your say on our plans today!

The Civic Centre redevelopment website has officially launched. This is where you can have your say on our plans!

Haringey Civic Centre redevelopment website

The website is your go-to hub for all things related to the redevelopment project with full details of the project, proposals, timeline, engagement, and the Civic Centre’s poignant history. You’ll also find all of the latest project updates at your fingertips.

The website features 'Civic Voices', an engagement piece inviting people to share their cherished memories of the Civic Centre with an aim to capture the rich history and personal stories associated with this important landmark. Whether it’s having attended an event or worked in the offices, Civic Voices wants to hear it. By sharing your memories, you’ll be contributing to a collective tapestry of experiences that will be showcased on the website and in the redeveloped Civic Centre.

The Civic Centre redevelopment website is a fantastic resource to keep you informed and involved in shaping the future of the Civic Centre, so go ahead and check out the website to be a part of this exciting transformation.

If you have any questions or queries, please email the team at

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October 26, 2023