Townscape heritage inititative – restored shopfronts in North Tottenham

You may have noticed a number of shopfronts in North Tottenham near the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium have had a facelift. So far, 22 properties along the High Road have had their historic features repaired. This conservation-led work is part of the North Tottenham townscape heritage initiative, a National Heritage Lottery-funded programme to restore historic buildings in the area.

Over the last 50 or so years, many of the historic features of the local buildings have fallen into disrepair and this has led to this part of Tottenham High Road being put on Historic England’s ‘at risk’ register. It was high time the Georgian and Victorian buildings received some love and attention and this project has helped restore them to their former glory.

Each property involved had its own unique requirements to preserve and enhance the building’s special character and the works carried out have been tailored to meet those needs. Improvements have included new signage and lighting, brick replacement, re-painting, restoration of stonework, roof replacement and more.

Shopfront of Channel Lounge in Tottenham

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Project objectives

  • Improve the appearance of historic buildings with good quality design and encourage people to shop
  • Provide opportunities for local people to learn about the heritage of Tottenham and become involved in its restoration and maintenance
  • Create an attractive environment that people can take pride in

Programme delivery is divided into two phases.

Phase One: permission to start construction was granted on 3 July 2017 and practical completion of the conservation works to 14 historic properties was achieved in June 2018. The total construction costs for Phase One totalled £1,140,487.

Phase Two: 

  • 775 High Road – repairs to the external facade and shop front improvements (including signage)
  • 785 High Road – repairs to the external facade and shop front (including signage)
  • 781 High Road – restoration of the entrance adjacent to shop front (Betfred)
  • 773 High Road – repairs to the external facade and shopfront improvements (including signage)
  • 771 High Road – repairs to the external facade and shopfront improvements (including signage)
  • 771-A High Road – repairs to the external facade

Under Phase Two, Cuttle Construction were awarded the Principal Contractor role on the project. Cuttle commenced works as of 14 September 2020 with works completed in September 2021.

Shopfront of Spur restaurant in Tottenham

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January 11, 2023