Improvements to Page Green Common, Page Green Terrace and Rangemoor Open Space

Haringey Council is working with muf architects and members of the local community on improvements to 3 green spaces near Seven Sisters station: Page Green Common, Rangemoor Open Space and Page Green Terrace.

Community group involvement

Aerial view of the project areas

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Page Green Common

Page Green Common is a green space at the junction of High Road and Broad Lane. Following engagement with the local community in 2018-19 and 2021, we have delivered the first phase of improvements to Page Green Common in March 2023. The enhancements celebrate the history of the Common, improve safety, and create a welcoming environment for local residents, families and schoolchildren.

Phase 1 improvements included:

  • planting new trees and a wildflower meadow
  • a play route and path offering an alternative route through the Common, away from Broad Lane
  • a low wall at the north-eastern corner of the Common shielding the green area near the play equipment from the road
  • a new paved area and bench near Earlsmead Primary School catering to parents/carers picking up children from school
  • repaving the footpaths to the south of the rain beds along Broad Lane
  • celebrating the history of the Seven Sisters trees with a stone circle around them
  • new lighting along the footpaths
  • connecting the existing pedestrian island at the Rangemoor/Wakefield Road junction with the pavement to create a safer crossing for pedestrians.

We celebrated the completion of the first phase of the improvements with a traditional meadow planting activity for Earlsmead Primary School.

.Page Green

Page green

We are engaging with Transport for London regarding potential future cycle routes around the Page Green area. The second phase of works will progress once a cycle route is confirmed, to ensure the designs are compatible.

To find out more about the works visit the Page Green Commonplace site (external link).

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Rangemoor Open Space

As an outcome of discussions with the local community, we decided to look into small-scale improvements to Rangemoor Open Space and Page Green Terrace, which are seen as valuable but underused green spaces in the area. 

They have been designed together with Earlsmead Primary School, Priscilla Wakefield Nursing Home, and the Page Green Residents Association, as well as broader members of the local community. They aim to invite the widest range of residents to use Rangemoor for play, rest, socialising, or gardening, by making it welcoming and accessible to those of all ages and abilities.

The improvements include:

  1. Three new lighting columns positioned at the entrances
  2. Basket swing play equipment
  3. New benches
  4. New brick planters for gardening, designed to be accessible to all members of the community
  5. Repairing the pavement
  6. Replacing the entrance gates with bollards to enable easier access for wheelchairs, prams and other users
  7. Replacing the bins
  8. New sensory planting and crown lifting the trees to improve biodiversity
  9. New, accessible entrance to the games area (MUGA) close to Rangemoor Road.

The improvements are mostly finished. Rangemoor is open for the community to use, with the final elements completing in summer 2023.

In May, we held community gardening sessions with the Page Green Residents Association, Earlsmead Primary School and broader local residents to fill the new planters.

Earlsmead primary school children

Planters with children from earlsmead primary school

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Page Green Terrace 

The improvements were designed through our work with the local community in 2021, and focus on care and repair. Page Green Terrace has been planted as a biodiverse corridor, bringing colour to the High Road and supporting local ecology.

The improvements, which are now complete, included:

  • Removal of broken fence 
  • Pavement resurfacing to improve accessibility
  • Trimming of hedges 
  • New meadow planting, including temporary fencing to protect the seeded meadow
  • Replacement of benches

We will also be installing new signage for Page Green Terrace at a later date.

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How to get involved

If you have any further questions on the project please email us

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June 14, 2023