Tottenham High Road Strategy

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Through a comprehensive consultation and engagement programme during 2017-2018, Haringey Council, residents and businesses in Tottenham have worked together to develop a 10-year Strategy for Tottenham High Road 2019-2029 (PDF, 2MB). The strategy provides a programme of proposals to improve the High Road, with particular focus on Bruce Grove and Seven Sisters, responding directly to local social and economic needs.

We spoke directly to over 1,000 people to identify the following priorities which the strategy will promote:

  1. A unique identity for the High Road and its town centres, that celebrates the diversity of place, its communities, its heritage and its culture and promotes a perception of the place that people can be proud of
  2. A proud and resilient High Road with a strong local economy, stronger businesses and good quality jobs and includes a sustainable mix of retail, civic and leisure use during both day and evening
  3. Healthier, safer and greener places, streets and neighbourhoods, which are better connected and optimise opportunities for sustainable transport
  4. An approach to projects and interventions on the High Road which provides the skills and support for local communities and businesses to engage and have a sense of ownership of their area and opportunities to succeed in their work and live fulfilling lives
  5. An approach which attracts inward investment into the places and types of activities that have the greatest need and opportunity

The strategy provides ideas for a range of projects to enhance the High Road for the benefit of its communities, including improvements to streets and spaces, environmental quality, transport, arts and cultural activities and heritage.

The strategy was approved by Haringey Council's Cabinet in 2019.

Assessing the impact of Tottenham High Road Strategy - listening to Tottenham's communities

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Assessing the impact of the Tottenham High Road Strategy

Since the strategy adoption in 2019, the council has been successful in securing funding to support the delivery of the strategy’s key interventions in Tottenham – this includes Department for Levelling up, Housing and Communities’ Future High Streets Fund, London Mayor’s Good Growth Fund and Historic England’s High Streets Heritage Action Zone Funding. 

Keep up to date on the funded projects in your local area (external link)

To ensure that the Tottenham High Road Strategy generates social and economic benefits for Tottenham’s communities, we are undertaking research to gather the views of local communities in Bruce Grove, Seven Sisters and Tottenham Green before and after the High Road projects have been delivered. The work supports the council’s drive for a community-focused approach to placemaking which puts residents at the heart of shaping the future of Tottenham, and is in line with the wider commitments of the Haringey Deal

The first report which is based on interviews with over 400 residents, traders, visitors to the High Road, community organisations and young people - was carried out by the independent research organisation Social Life between July to November 2021. It provides an understanding of the views of communities along Tottenham High Road before the delivery of key council investments.

We are building the findings of the first report into live and future projects to ensure that they respond to the needs and aspirations of local communities. The next round of research will be undertaken in 2024-2025, when most projects in the Tottenham High Road Strategy will have been delivered.

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Future High Streets Fund

Future High Streets fund (FHSF) is a central government initiative to support and fund local areas’ plans to make their high streets and town centres fit for the future.

We were successful in our bid for investment for Tottenham High Road, covering the area from Bruce Grove to Seven Sisters. The purpose of FHSF funding is to renew and reshape Tottenham High Road in a way that improves experience, drives growth and ensures future sustainability.

Seven core challenges have been identified that the FHSF seeks to respond to:

  • Tackling crime to make Tottenham safer
  • Safeguarding and adapting the town centre offer
  • Defining and reinforcing an identity for Tottenham High Road
  • Delivering housing as part of a suitable mixed-use neighbourhood
  • Adapting the High Road to be smarter and more connected
  • Delivering a healthier High Road
  • Supporting businesses to be resilient post-COVID

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Good Growth Fund

The Good Growth Fund (GGF) is the Mayor of London’s regeneration programme which aims to support growth and community development in London. We were successful in our bid for a £2 million investment in Bruce Grove.

The overarching objectives of the Tottenham GGF programme are:

  • Promoting Bruce Grove’s unique identity, reflecting the area’s diversity and culture
  • Promoting a strong, resilient economy through the diversification of town centre activities
  • Healthier, safer, greener and more connected places, streets and neighbourhoods
  • Engaging local communities in changes to their town centres
  • Promoting inward investment towards the areas of greatest need and opportunity

The funding will unlock economic investment, whilst creating opportunities for local residents and businesses to become much more involved in and benefit from Tottenham’s regeneration through meaningful engagement, community empowerment, and business and enterprise support. There will also be a particular focus on the Food and Beverage sector, celebrating its existing presence in the area alongside a history of food production in Tottenham.

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The High Streets Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) Programme

The High Streets Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) Programme is a nationwide initiative managed by Historic England and designed to secure lasting improvements to historic high streets for the communities who use them through a combination of physical works to buildings, cultural activities and events, and community engagement.

Bruce Grove town centre has been awarded over two million pounds from Historic England’s High Streets Heritage Action Zone programme to set up the Tottenham High Street Heritage Action Zone in Bruce Grove.

We are match funding the programme, taking the project total to £5 million.

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