Park View Road underpass – the Colour Way

Improving green and open spaces is fundamental to placemaking in Tottenham Hale.

We are delivering a programme of physical investment, ecological upgrades and safety improvements, to create a network of enhanced open spaces and green pedestrian links, running from Tottenham High Road to the Lee Valley.

Summer 2023 update

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the Colour Way project to improve the Park View Road underpass.

Since community engagement on our plans in late 2021, we have been undertaking further investigations and refining our plans to ensure they address all the issues identified through the engagement.

A number of technical investigations have been carried out to understand how best to address the flooding and water leakage issues that affect the underpass. These investigations have identified collapsed drains within the underpass, as well as water leaking through the structure. The design proposals have now been refined to include specific proposals to address these issues.

Consent will now be required from Network Rail and Transport for London for the interior works, as the owners of the structure. We have started the consent process, and anticipate that the physical improvement works will start in late summer 2023.

The final designs for the mural artwork have also been completed. It is proposed to implement the artworks as soon as the physical improvement works have been completed. This will ensure that the artwork is not damaged by construction works.

For the latest updates please take a look at the Parkview Underpass Commonplace (external link)


Park View Road underpass is one of only four east-west connections between Tottenham and the Lee Valley Regional Park. The improvement of the Underpass is a key community aspiration and was identified in the Tottenham Hale Green and Open Spaces Strategy (GOSS, 2016) as a core project to improve walking and cycling connections to the Lee Valley.

The Colourway Project will transform the Park View Road Underpass into a safer, more attractive and stimulating route for pedestrians and cyclists.

The project has been named the Colourway because it aims to enhance people’s experience of using the Underpass through colourful public art and wayfinding interventions, which will be integrated into physical improvements, landscaping, re-surfacing and maintenance works.

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Existing conditions at the underpass

There are a number of issues affecting the experience of using the underpass. These include poor visibility and sightlines in the underpass approaches, flooding issues, the condition of the walls and ceiling, the quality of the paving and surfacing, lighting and general wayfinding and signage.

The Underpass is owned by Network Rail and London Underground, who are responsible for maintaining the structure of the Underpass. The Council is responsible for the internal surfacing and general maintenance.

We know there have been concerns around the safety of the underpass ceiling and that the underpass often floods. To address this, we are working with Network Rail to identify short-term maintenance measures and to develop longer-term maintenance solutions.

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The Colourway project

The project will address underlying issues of safety, accessibility and maintenance and will enhance the Underpass through landscaping and resurfacing works as well as colourful public art and wayfinding interventions. Local people will be engaged through the project, with particular focus on working with young people in the development of the wayfinding and public art proposals.

This project will be delivered through two integrated elements – physical improvements to the Underpass and its approaches, and creative interventions to embed public art and wayfinding into the designs. The designers for both elements of the project, landscape architects and artists, will work closely together to integrate and embed public art into the engineering and construction works.

Park View underpass

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The objectives of the underpass improvement project are to:

  • design and deliver physical enhancements to the Underpass which address its underlying issues, e.g. physical condition, maintenance, drainage and ensure the maintenance issues are addressed (this will include new drains, repairs and new surfaces to the subway walls)
  • improve accessibility to the underpass and Tottenham Marshes for pedestrians and cyclists through addressing levels, surfacing and adding more lighting
  • improve sight lines through the underpass by re-landscaping the underpass approaches
  • improve wayfinding and accessibility with public art installations and signage
  • tackle anti-social behaviour by creating more open, animated approaches to the underpass

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Bud Studio

We are working with a local artist studio Bud Studio Ltd through Albert Clegg – pen name ‘Agwa’ – to deliver colourful and inspirational designs that attract people to use the underpass and strengthen connections to the wider area.

The Colourway name was coined by Albert, who has worked in the area for several years and whose art already features on one of the walls approaching the underpass.

Bud Studio has held a series of workshops with local young people with an interest in the creative industries to develop artistic themes and sample designs to be scaled up into full-scale murals. These young people and other aspiring local artists will have the chance to get involved in installing the final art designs at the underpass.

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Get involved

Community participation and co-design is at the heart of this project.

Please sign up for updates at Have your say today – projects underway – Commonplace (external link).

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May 3, 2023