Ferry Lane improvements

Ferry Lane forms a key route into the borough and to the centre of Tottenham Hale.

Prior to works commencing, Ferry Lane was not a particularly welcoming or safe environment for pedestrians or cyclists. The pavement was in a poor condition and directly next to a busy roadway with cyclists having to share the road with heavy traffic. Despite being connected to green and open spaces, such as Walthamstow Wetlands, Lee Valley Park and the Paddock, the road had very hard landscaping and no visual cues that highlighted this link. The road was also prone to flooding.

The improvements extend from Mill Mead Road junction and continue along Ferry lane and up to the borough boundary with Walthamstow.

The improvements to Ferry Lane include:

  • raised cycle lanes that are separated from the traffic to protect cyclists from motorists. They have also served to change driver behaviour and reduce vehicle speeds along the route
  • footpath improvements and the resurfaced roads
  • new sustainable drainage system to manage flooding with swales within the Paddock and rain gardens along Ferry lane that have also served to contribute towards the existing rich wildlife through soft planting and biodiversity enhancements
  • de-cluttering and removal of the large and unattractive lighting structure that was referred to as the ‘Razor light’ and was situated next to Ferry Lane bridge
  • new trees and planting along the front of the Paddock and the junction with Bream Close
  • installation of street lighting columns to indicate the entrance to Tottenham Hale. The lights will be LED energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive by reducing light pollution
  • artwork features along the route that are centered around the theme of the wetland environment and the transition from the district centre at Tottenham Hale to Walthamstow Wetlands

Segregated cycle lanes on Ferry Lane

Drainage improvements near Ferry Lane

Feature signage at the Paddock nature reserve, Ferry Lane

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September 22, 2022