Construction in Tottenham Hale

Signifcant construction activity is underway throughout Tottenham Hale.

A construction logistics plan (CLP) has been developed for the Tottenham area which sets the framework for developers and construction contractors undertaking project site work in the area.

Specifically, the CLP helps to:

  • minimise the impact of construction works traffic on the local environment while ensuring the safety of vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists throughout the duration of the works
  • decrease the disruption of the transport system from construction works traffic
  • increase the efficiency of area construction works and construction traffic

CLP forum

A CLP forum involving all the main construction contractors, developers and Haringey Council was set up in October 2018 with clear terms of reference to support the monitoring and delivery of the CLP. Specifically, the forum enables:

  • the exchange of all relevant information and data from individual sites, enabling works, utilities, developments and projects within Tottenham Hale and also wider developments within Haringey and neighbouring boroughs
  • the recognition and mitigation of all safety and local environmental concerns with regard to works and site access
  • collaborative working to address any issues or challenges arising as a result of the cumulative impact of construction activity in Tottenham Hale

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What's underway

Significant change is underway in Tottenham Hale to create a new centre for Tottenham Hale, new housing, new jobs, improved streets, and improved green and open spaces. To find out about all the planned, underway and completed projects visit the Tottenham Hale Commonplace site (external link).

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Report an issue

All the development partners and their contractors are working closely with Haringey Council. Together we want to minimise the impacts of construction work on the local community and the local environment. In order to do this successfully, we need you, the local community, to get involved. We are asking you flag any construction issues on our interactive map.

Report an issue(external link)

This could potentially be things like dirty roads, out-of-hours construction work or lorries waiting in places you don't they should. If you would like a response to your comment, please indicate this when filling in the "Stay informed" section at registration by saying yes to "Comment replies" – you will see this option after you post a comment for the first time.

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Page last updated:

September 22, 2022