Northumberland Park

Improving Northumberland Park together

Northumberland Park residents have told us they want more and better housing and good quality jobs. You want children and young people to feel safe on their local streets.

We have heard loud and clear that change is needed to create a healthier, happier, safer, and more connected community. You deserve neighbourhoods that meet your needs now and in the future. We want to make sure that any change in Northumberland Park builds on what already makes your local neighbourhoods great.

The key to this will be working with you to shape places that people want to live, work, play, and learn in, and neighbourhoods that are inclusive and benefit all residents.

Together we can create great places in the Northumberland Park neighbourhood.

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Developing a community placemaking plan

The community placemaking plan sets out how we will work with you to deliver the improvements that you want to see. Working in partnership we can make a real difference to Northumberland Park.

We want to work with you to deliver the improvements that you want to see. We’ve summarised them under four main areas of change.

1. Safe and sound

Providing the best housing services for you

You have told us that how your homes are managed and community safety are two of your top priorities.We will:

  • recruit a dedicated Housing team for Northumberland Park who will be your single point of contact for all repairs and community safety issues. They will work closely with other Council teams to ensure you receive a joined-up service, including regular walkabouts and drop-in surgeries.
  • work with you to improve local day to day housing services, including repairs, management, waste collection and cleaning.
  • collaborate with partners to respond to community safety issues affecting your neighbourhood, including regular Community Safety walkabouts with the Police and rolling out Estate Watch CCTV across the area.

2. Homes and places

Creating new and improved homes and public spaces for all

You have told us you would like to see more affordable housing in the area, and improved open space and communal areas. We will:

  • work with you to deliver neighbourhood improvements which celebrate your local area and test better ways of using existing spaces, such as community gardens, arts, lighting and play space.
  • improve access to nature new planting, street improvements and clear signposts along Park Lane to the Lee Valley Regional Park will make it easier and more pleasant to access nature and lead an active lifestyle.
  • work with you to respond to the individual opportunities of the different buildings, blocks and neighbourhoods which make up Northumberland Park and improve existing homes and communal areas so that you feel safe and proud to call the area home.

3. Community space and services

Improving access to community buildings and the services you need

You have told us there is a need for a community centre in the area where people from different backgrounds can meet and mix. We will:

  • work with you to improve the Neighbourhood Resource Centre and create a community hub where you can access community facilities and support services
  • collaborate with you and community partners to co-ordinate activity, networks and events such as community coffee mornings, and maximise the strengths and assets of your community.
  • continue to provide drop-in local access to support and services at the Neighbourhood Resource Centre, including housing, mental health, and benefits advice.

4. Discover your future

Helping you reach your aspirations through opportunities, support and training

You have told us you would like improved access to jobs and training, particularly for young people. We will:

  • help you access new work opportunities alongside support and training to develop new skills. This includes a dedicated Employment Navigator for Northumberland Park who will support you through your employment journey and link you to opportunities available in Haringey.
  • deliver a range of initiatives for young people, engaging with them where they are comfortable, building their confidence and giving them the opportunity to understand their potential by providing them with options for their future.
  • provide targeted business support to help the local economy recover, grow and prosper.

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Homes and Spaces Plan 

The Homes and Spaces Plan will be developed with residents. Residents are the local experts and know your area the best. To guide any future changes, we are working together with the local community and a design team from Hawkins\Brown to co-create a Homes and Spaces Plan.

The plan will set out a shared vision for the estate, exploring opportunities to build new council homes and ways to improve open spaces and streets.

Together with the community, we have engaged in many conversations to co-create 5 key priorities for change:

  • new homes to meet the needs of the community
  • increased safety for residents and their homes
  • improved open space to enjoy, play and socialise
  • safe movement and routes
  • well-used spaces that serve the community

Over the last few months, we have been checking in with the community to make sure these priorities still reflect their wants and needs. Thank you to everyone who gave their feedback either online or in person.

82% of respondents (a survey of 101 people) agreed that these were still their top priorities.

Northumberland Park Homes and Spaces booklet (PDF, 817KB).

Next steps

We have listened to your feedback and have heard loud and clear that you want new homes that meet the community’s needs and increased safety for residents and their homes.

We are working on a plan to guide future change across the Northumberland Park estate and over the coming months, we will be working with you to:

  • Test different ideas and designs to build new council homes
  • Come up with ways to improve open spaces and streets, tackling matters like:
    • unsafe routes
    • match day issues
    • anti-social behaviour

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The Neighbourhood Resource Centre

We want to ensure that residents have a hub where they can go and access support, talk about improvements to their local area and find out more about current projects.

Come and speak to us at the Neighbourhood Resource Centre (NRC) at 177 Park Lane, N17 0HG every Tuesday from 11am to 4pm. Here you can also access a range of support and services including:

  • Connected Communities
  • support workers
  • employment support
  • housing-related advice
  • community safety advice

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Community Voices programme

If you live in Northumberland Park and would like to be a neighbourhood champion then get in touch! You are the local experts, and through the Community Voices programme, you will help inform the design and decision-making process for any placemaking projects that take place in the area.

Please contact or call Sarah on 07967 442513 to find out more about how you can get involved in delivering change to Northumberland Park.

Next Community Voices Design Group Meeting: 

  • Date and time: Wednesday 2 August, 5pm to 8pm (drop-in)
  • Venue: Neighbourhood Resource Centre (NRC), 177 Park Lane, N17 0HJ
  • Refreshments provided

If you would like to find out more, please phone or text Sarah on 07967 442513 or email

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Improvements in your area

Sommerford Grove

Our Parks Team has been working closely with residents and the wider community for the past 6 months to create an improvement plan for Somerford Grove open space.

Co-created with the community, the area’s younger residents will soon be able to enjoy a new adventure course, play equipment and a wooden train. People using the space will also benefit from new bins, improved lighting, and artwork to brighten up the space.

Northumberland Park Station

The public space around Northumberland Park Station is being improved. The improvements include a rain garden with trees, new benches, bins, bike stands and bollards, new signs to the Lee Valley Park and environmentally friendly lighting.

Bar Park

Project 2020 and Calisseum, a community health and wellbeing initiative, have joined forces to provide a physical activity programme for young people and residents who attend the service.

After a successful 6 months of supporting the community to increase their physical activity using portable bars, young people and the wider community are now working together to design a permanent bar park to be located in the green space outside Kenneth Robbins House.

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July 31, 2023