Improving Broadwater Farm together

Broadwater Farm tower blocks


Broadwater Farm is an 18-hectare council-owned housing estate next to Lordship Recreation Ground. Inspired by Le Corbusier, construction was completed in the early 1970s and comprises a series of concrete blocks and towers.

In addition to over 1,000 homes, the estate includes the Broadwaters Inclusive Learning Community (external link) and the Broadwater Farm Community Centre Gym (external link), the Church on the Farm and the Enterprise Units.

The estate is home to a diverse and strong community who know their estate the best and know what they would like to see improved. The Broadwater Farm estate improvement plans have been developed in partnership with residents, community groups and key stakeholders.

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Broadwater Farm estate is changing

Haringey Council and Broadwater Farm residents are working together to improve Broadwater Farm estate to make it a better and safer place for the community to live, work and socialise.

We want to shape the future of Broadwater Farm Estate to be a safe, welcoming neighbourhood creating a lively place to be, ensuring quality homes that support the wonderful sense of community and create opportunities for residents to play, work and socialise through improved open spaces and facilities.

Haringey Council has been working closely with the Broadwater Farm community to develop plans for the largest estate-wide improvement programme in the estate’s history including building 294 new council homes for Broadwater Farm residents.

Tagmere and Northolt are being demolished due to structural problems. We will replace these blocks with brand new council homes for council tenants and will carry out improvements to other blocks on the estate to strengthen them and make sure they all meet modern fire and safety standards.

The council has also consulted with the 24 households in the Stapleford north wing as to whether this block should be demolished. 62% of residents in this block were supportive of this proposal and Stapleford north wing will also be demolished (in the future).

Together, we will bring about the most wide-reaching improvements to the estate since it was built over 50 years ago.

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Planning application

On Monday 5 December 2022, the council’s planning committee resolved to grant permission for 294 new council homes on the estate and gave consent to relocate and restore the Grade II listed mural on Tangmere.

Tangmere and Northolt Blocks (including Stapleford North Wing), the Energy Centre, Medical Centre and Enterprise Centre buildings now have planning consent to be demolished and rebuilt.

All other blocks will be refurbished through the wider Broadwater Farm improvement programme.

More than 600 jobs, apprenticeships and training opportunities will be created through the works. Residents will be supported by the council’s employment and skills team, Haringey Works, to ensure they have the skills for the new jobs. 

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Engagement framework

The council and independent tenant and leaseholder advisors, Newman Francis, have been working with the Broadwater Farm Resident’s Association to develop a new ‘engagement framework’ which sets out how the council plan to involve all residents in shaping the future of the estate.

The new framework will give residents opportunities to be involved in all aspects of the programme such as the new homes, refurbishment and improving our core services.

If you live on Broadwater Farm and would like to find out more or express an interest in joining the group, please contact

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Past engagement and consultation

First engagement survey – August - September 2020

A survey was sent to all households in August 2020 to understand their preferred engagement methods, what they liked and disliked about their neighbourhood and their vision for the future of the estate.

Second engagement survey and exhibitions – October 2020

This engagement period aimed to understand residents' feelings towards their estate and presented some very early designs for the new homes and the future of the estate.

Section 105 consultation – February - March 2021

S105 Consultation with initial design ideas for streets, open spaces, uses and new homes.

Engagement booklet and exhibitions – May 2021

This engagement period presented residents with 2 design scenarios and asked for their feedback. It also presented some key priorities identified from previous engagements and sought residents' feedback on these. 

Engagement booklet and exhibitions – July - August 2021

This engagement presented one consolidated design to residents, combining elements that residents liked from both scenarios presented in the previous round. 

Engagement booklet and exhibitions – October - November 2021

This engagement presented to residents the final design for new homes on the estate that would be proceeding to Cabinet approval. Residents were also presented with new information about the refurbishment plans for existing blocks.

Resident ballot – February 2022

Broadwater Farm residents were asked to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the designs for new homes on the estate. On a turnout of 55% of eligible voters, 85% backed the council to deliver the most comprehensive and far-reaching improvement programme in Broadwater Farm’s history. 

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February 1, 2023