Construction and improvement works

294 new council homes at council rents will be built on Broadwater Farm for Broadwater Farm residents. 30% of these homes will be larger 3-4 bedroom family homes.

The demolition of Tangmere is underway and the first new homes will start to be built on the old Moselle School site in 2024. It is an exciting time for the estate.

Building works will bring more people and heavy vehicles onto the estate. The construction work will be noisy at times.

We are committed to working with you to minimise the impact of the estate improvements. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us using the contact details in the get in touch section.

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New haul road and car park

The enabling work to help with the construction of the new homes on the estate starts in April 2024 with a new haul road and temporary car park being built. This work is due to be completed by the end of June 2024.

The enabling work includes:

  • a temporary haul road that will only be used by construction traffic to ensure no construction vehicles drive down Adams Road or pass by the Willow and Brook schools or Broadwaters' Children's Centre. The road will run between Adams Road and Willian Road.
  • enclosing the haul road with fences and secure gates that are controlled by a banks person to ensure only construction vehicles can gain access.
  • additional gates across Griffin Road for emergency vehicles and bin trucks to use.
  • removal of the car park at the end of Griffin Road and opposite to Northholt block on Adams Road - between Martlesham and Manston blocks - to facilitate the haul road.
  • a temporary car park opposite the haul road and Manston block to provide the schools with car parking while we develop the former Moselle with new council homes.

Read our construction works leaflet (PDF, 1.85MB) to learn more about these enabling works and view a map of the new haul road layout.

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Demolition of Tangmere

The controlled demolition of Tangmere is now almost complete. Sections of the tower's block are being removed piece-by-piece and broken down before removing the debris from the site.

The demolition work began on the southwest corner of the site, before continuing around the building. You will have seen larger sections of the building coming down over the last few weeks, starting with dismantling the top floors.

The front and middle sections of the building, where the mural stood, were the last part to be demolished. We have carefully removed the mural and stored it on the estate so it can be refurbished for future use.

We expect the entire demolition of the building and site to be cleared by the end of November 2024. We encountered a slight delay to the completion date because of additional works to remove and relocate electrical cables.

We will provide you with the next steps for the construction phase once this stage is complete.

Thank you for your understanding with the increased noise and traffic around the site throughout the demolition of Tangmere.

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Rochford and Martlesham refurbishment

PRP Architects have been appointed to lead on the design for the refurbishment of Rochford and Martlesham blocks. This work will help us plan for the refurbishment of all other homes on the estate.

The tender evaluation panel - which included residents from the estate - were impressed with PRP’s proposals for the design of the blocks, particularly their thoughtful approach to resident engagement and the need to ensure the project meets the aspirations of the residents.

PRP will work alongside the architect appointed to progress the design for the New Homes Programme to ensure there is a consistent design across the estate.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions about the new homes programme or planned estate improvements, please contact us:

  • Numan Hussain - Community Engagement Officer on 0797 607 0667
  • Dionne Johnson - Community Engagement Officer on 0780 591 8698
  • Email the project team at

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Page last updated:

April 9, 2024