Placemaking in Tottenham

More than any other area, Tottenham encapsulates the inclusive and diverse spirit of London. Tottenham has a rich history and a strong and engaged community. There is a broad range of housing including new council homes, over 200 different languages spoken, great schools and a thriving business community. People don’t just live in Tottenham - many say they belong.

The Tottenham Placemaking (regeneration) programme started in 2013. The programme has developed over time but the council's commitment to Tottenham's people and businesses and to improve the area's places and spaces remain unchanged.

Tottenham's Future Consultation

In October 2013, Haringey Council commissioned an independent organisation, Soundings, to conduct a thorough 5-month consultation exercise called Tottenham’s Future, to gather views from the community on their hopes and ambitions for the next 20 years. The responses fed into and shaped the council’s Strategic Regeneration Framework (see the section below) for Tottenham, which sets out how the local community’s priorities can be achieved.

More than 3,700 people contributed to the consultation through a variety of methods, including:

  • Completing canvas cards
  • Visiting a dedicated website
  • Visiting drop-in events and attending various exhibitions
  • Community meetings and interviews

The Tottenham’s Future consultation closed in February 2014, and a final report outlining responses can be viewed below:

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The Strategic Regeneration Framework

In October 2013, the council commissioned independent community engagement experts Soundings to carry out the 5-month Tottenham’s Future consultation, as part of its commitment to placing local residents' priorities at the heart of regeneration plans. The consultation received more than 3,700 responses. These responses helped form the strategy that underpins the Tottenham regeneration programme – the strategic regeneration framework (SRF).

The strategic regeneration framework (SRF) (PDF, 2.2MB) is a landmark 20-year vision for the future of Tottenham. It sets out how local people’s priorities could be achieved through long-term regeneration. The SRF was agreed by the council’s cabinet on 18 March 2014.

The SRF set out 7 key priorities:

  • World-class education and training – including new schools, better access to apprenticeships and more Tottenham young people attending university
  • Improved access to jobs and business opportunities – attracting major investment and encouraging local business growth to boost employment
  • A different kind of housing market – improving existing homes and building new, high-quality homes to meet demand at a range of prices and tenures
  • A fully connected community with even better transport links – continuing to improve rail, Tube and bus links, being a Crossrail 2 destination, as well as opening up Tottenham to more walking and cycling routes
  • A strong and healthy community – improved healthcare facilities, reduced crime and strong social networks for young people
  • Great places – putting Tottenham’s character and heritage centre-stage while creating better public spaces to meet, shop and have fun
  • The right investment and quality development – building partnerships and securing money to achieve these priorities with a focus on high-quality design.

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SRF Delivery plan 

The SRF Delivery Plan was created to deliver, and track, the aspirations captured in the SRF. The first Delivery Plan was created in 2014. It was then updated every summer from 2015 - 2017. In 2018, it was superseded by Haringey Council's Borough Plan. 

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Suporting information

Tottenham Physical Development Framework

Planning and development experts Arup, created a supporting document called the Tottenham Physical Development Framework. Alongside the SRF, it makes a series of recommendations for physical change in Tottenham. 

If you want a copy of the full Framework document, please email

Tottenham's Future consultation supporting reports

Community Liaison Group 1:

Community Liaison Group 2:

Community Liaison Group 3:

Voices of Tottenham

Local young filmmakers created an inspirational film about what regeneration meant to them in 2013/2014.

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