Update to local list of validation requirements consultation

The National Planning Policy Framework sets out that local planning authorities must publish a local validation list for planning applications and review it frequently.

We have just updated our list (published in July 2021) and are carrying out this consultation because:

  • a significant amount of time has passed since the previous consultation
  • we have made a number of changes

The changes we have made largely reflect changing policy, nationally and in London.

Please find our draft consultation document below. Proposed changes are shown in red:

How to respond

The consultation will run from 8 March to 2 April 2024.

Please email planningsupport@haringey.gov.uk by 2 April 2024 if you have any representations to make on the draft list.

Next steps

We will consider any comments made and produce a report setting out our response to the comments. We will then publish a final list.

Page last updated:

April 2, 2024