Local Plan: Strategic Policies - Adopted 18 March 2013

The Strategic Policies DPD has been revised and, following examination the alterations to the Strategic Policies were adopted on the 24 July 2017.

This page is a legacy page for the 2013 version of the document. Please see the Strategic Policies (2017) page for the current version.

Development of the 2013 Strategic Policies Document

The Local Plan: Strategic Policies went through a number of stages of consultation. The outcomes from each stage informed the next stage of development of the document. These stages are set out on the development of the Local Plan page.

The Adopted Local Plan: Strategic Policies and Saved UDP policies can be viewed below. The agreed Policies Map changes can be found in the attached files section below.

The Strategic Policies are currently being reviewed in response to changes in national and regional policies. Please go to the Alterations to Strategic Policies page for full details.

Contents and Policies

Spatial Strategy

  • Chapter 2: Haringey's Spatial Strategy 
    • Haringey’s Spatial Strategy
    • SP0 Presumption in favour of sustainable development

Strategic Policies

  • Chapter 3: People at the heart of change in Haringey
    • SP1 Managing Growth
    • SP2 Housing
    • SP3 Provision of Land for Gypsies and Travellers
  • Chapter 4: An environmentally sustainable future 
    • SP4 Working towards a Low Carbon Haringey
    • SP5 Water Management and Flooding
    • SP6 Waste and Recycling
    • SP7 Transport

Chapter 5-6 (PDF, 3MB)

  • Chapter 5: Economic vitality and prosperity shared by all
    • SP8 Employment
    • SP9 Improving skills and training to support access to jobs and community cohesion and inclusion
    • SP10 Town Centres
  • Chapter 6: Safer for all
    • SP11 Design
    • SP12 Conservation
    • SP13 Open Space and Biodiversity

Chapter 7-8 (PDF, 3MB)

  • Chapter 7: Healthier people with a better quality of life
    • SP14 Health and Well-Being
    • SP15 Culture and Leisure
  • Chapter 8: Delivering and monitoring the Local Plan: Strategic Policies
    • SP16 Community Facilities
    • SP17 Delivering and Monitoring the Local Plan: Strategic Policies

Chapter 9 - Appendices (PDF, 1MB)

  • Appendix 1 UDP Saved Policies
  • Appendix 2 Housing Trajectory
  • Appendix 3 Monitoring Targets and Indicators
  • Appendix 4 Infrastructure Delivery Plan (key programmes and projects)
  • Appendix 5 Glossary of Terms

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