Development of the Development Management DPD

Examination and Modifications Consultation

For full details of the examination please visit the Local Plans Examination in Public page.

Post Submission Correspondence

Set out below are the Council’s Statements which have been submitted in response to the Inspector’s Matters and Issues.

Set out below are the Representors’ Additional Statements which have been submitted in response to the Inspector’s Matters and Issues. These are organised by Representor ID number and name, along with the policy number(s) to which the statements refer, where they have been specified by the Representor.

Development Management

012Quod Ltd on behalf of Tottenham Hotspur Football ClubDM40
013Iceni Projects on behalf of Berkeley Homes DM5
016 Rapleys on behalf of LaSalle Investment Management (PDF, 104KB)DM3
017 Barton Wilmore on behalf of Workspace (PDF, 267KB)DM6
021 RPS-CGMS on behalf of Parkstock Ltd (PDF, 351KB)DM6
022 Quod on behalf of St William (PDF, 3.6MB)DM5
  RPS-CGMS on behalf of Provewell (PDF, 446KB)
040  Colliers on behalf of Diamond Build PLC (PDF, 159KB)DM38
041Planning Potential on behalf of Power Leisure Bookmakers DM42
043SSA Planning Ltd on behalf of Kentucky Fried Chicken DM47
049 London Borough of Hackney (PDF, 211KB)DM39
053 Historic England (PDF, 300KB)DM6

Statements of Common Ground

The following Statements of Common Ground have been prepared in support of the Examination.

Main Modifications Public Consultation

As part of the Examination of the Local Plan, the council sought comments on the Post-Hearing Main Modifications. The consultation ran from 18 November 2016 until 13 January 2017.

Below are the responses received to the Main Modification Consultation. These are arranged by Representor ID number and  name.


Res13Ursula Riniker - Part 1 (PDF, 283KB) and Part 2 (PDF, 353KB)
Res14 Environment Agency (PDF, 165KB)
Res15 Defend Council Housing (PDF, 95KB)
Res16 Historic England (PDF, 620KB)
Res17 LB Hackney (PDF, 15KB)
Res18 Metropolitan Police (PDF, 239KB)
Res19 Sport England (PDF, 63KB)
Res20 Collective Planning on behalf of Provewell Ltd (PDF, 290KB)
Res21 Rapleys on behalf of LaSalle (PDF, 305KB)
Res22 Children's Food Campaign (PDF, 178KB)
Res23 Bridge Renewal Trust (PDF, 293KB)
Res24 Healthy London Partnership (PDF, 82KB)
Res25 N. Tuptuk (PDf, 21KB)
Res26 Chris Lambert on behalf of Park View Secondary School (PDF, 64KB)
Res27 Yael Glanvill on behalf of Rokesly Infant School (PDF, 24KB)
Res28 Shane Claridge on behalf of Rhodes Avenue Primary School (PDF, 38KB)
Res29 London Healthier High Streets (PDF, 148KB)
Res30 Public Health England (PDF, 174KB)
Res31 Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group (PDF, 151KB)
Res32Greater London Authority (PDF, 87KB)
Res33 CBRE on behalf of Highgate School (PDF, 60KB)
Res34 Michael Burroughs Associates on behalf of Omved International Ltd (PDF, 944KB)
Res35 NHS Property Services (PDF, 292KB)
Res36 Planning Potential on behalf of Power Leisure Bookmakers (PDF, 33KB)
Res37 Savills on behalf of Legal and General & JLL (PDF, 97KB)
Res38 DP9 on behalf of Austringer (PDF, 406KB)
Res39 Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (PDF, 502KB) and Policy text rewording (PDF, 213KB)

View the Local Plans Examination in Public page for details of the Examination and Inspectors Report.

Pre-Submission Consultation 8 January - 4 March 2016

  Development Management DPD - pre-submission (PDF, 5MB)

Preferred Options version Consultation Statement Report - Appendix D (in order of policy):





Reg 19 Publication 8 January - 4 March 2016
Reg 22 Submission for Secretary of State 24 May 2016
Hearing Sessions into the Four Local Plan documents  23 August – 8 September 2016
The council to send the Planning Inspector the list of modifications to be made to each Plan. The modifications are those requested by the Planning Inspector during the hearing sessions as well as those agreed by the council in response to the representations received to the pre-submission consultation. 19 October 2016
The Planning Inspector to agree the list of modifications.  9 November 2016
The council to publish the list of modifications for public consultation for a period of six weeks, including an updated Sustainability Appraisal if required. 18 November – 13 January 2017
The representations made to the list of modifications, and council’s response to these, to be forwarded to the Planning Inspector for her consideration. NB: All comments received will be published on the council’s website along with council’s response. February 2017
The Planning Inspector to issue the reports into the Examination in Public on each of the four Local Plans. May 2017
Subject to the Plan’s being found ‘sound’ by the Planning Inspector, the documents to be reported to Regulatory Committee, Cabinet and Full Council for formal adoption.  July 2017

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The "preferred option" Development Management DPD

We consulted on a "preferred options" draft Development Management DPD (PDF, 2MB) from Monday 9 February to Friday 27 March 2015

The consultation draft addressed concerned from local people about access to housing across the borough, and the number of homes being converted into smaller flats and apartments – which has increased in the last 20 years. Residents also made clear that they are concerned about the proliferation of betting shops and takeaways in the borough, and that more should be done to protect Haringey’s heritage. It’s also important that land used for employment is protected and expanded so that there is enough space for the right type of businesses to open new buildings and create long-term jobs for residents.

Other changes in that draft of the document included new measures with the aim of:

  • Providing a broader range of housing options, including new affordable housing that helps more people onto the housing ladder
  • A family housing protection zone in the east, and parts of the west of the borough, to stop larger homes being converted into flats and houses of multiple occupation
  • Ensuring that new developments have high-quality building design
  • Introducing strict rules on basement developments to stop unsociable or ugly underground extensions
  • Tackling clusters of betting shops by stopping new stores from opening if five per cent of shops in the area are already bookmakers
  • Protecting Haringey’s open spaces and ensuring local people have access to them
  • Protecting Haringey’s historic pubs by only allowing redevelopments when all other options to save the business have been exhausted
  • Ensuring new development supports the borough’s carbon reduction targets
  • Managing the consequences of development – including the risk of flooding

Supporting Information

An interim Sustainability Appraisal (SA) report (PDF, 1MB) has been prepared alongside the Plan. Information on this SA is also included within the summary of four Interim Sustainability Appraisals (PDF, 418KB). The council has undertaken research to inform these policy documents, which form the evidence base. See the Evidence Base page to view these reports.

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Previous draft Development Management DPD

In early 2013 the council consulted on an Issues & Options draft of these policies. Documents relating to this consultation, including how feedback was included in the drafting of the 2015 version is included in the  Development Management Policies consultation document - March-May 2013 (PDF, 2MB) and the documents in the attached files section below.

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