Listed and locally listed buildings

Statutory Listed Buildings

A statutory listed building is a building of national historical or architectural interest. The Statutory List is administered and updated by Historic England (external link). Listed buildings are considered ‘designated heritage assets’ and are protected through the planning system. They are protected from demolition and listed building consent is required in order to make any alterations. Please note, when a building is listed the legislation applies to the interior, exterior, and any structures within the curtilage such as boundary walls or out buildings.

Anyone can apply for a building to be listed or de-listed. Information about how to apply can be found on the Historic England Website (external link).

Locally Listed Buildings

A local listed building is a building or structure of architectural or historic interest which makes a valuable contribution to the character of an area, but does not qualify for inclusion on the statutory list. These are non-designated heritage assets.

Additional conservation considerations are given to the alteration of these buildings and the council will seek to ensure that the special character of such buildings is protected and enhanced.


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July 29, 2022