Planning Sub Committee

Details of the Committee Meeting

The Planning Sub-Committee normally meets monthly on the second Monday of the month (except August). Meetings start at 7pm and normally end before 10pm.

Meetings are currently taking place at George Meehan House, 294 High Rd, London N22 8JZ or alternative venues if additional capacity is required..

The papers will be available on the Planning Sub Committee meeting pages 5 working days before the meeting.

Please check the papers for the correct venue.

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Pre-application briefing to Planning Committee

The recently adopted Planning Protocol has introduced pre-application briefings to planning committee. This meeting is scheduled to consider pre-application presentations to the Planning Sub-Committee and discussion of proposals. These are generally intended to discuss the larger major applications. No decisions will be taken at this meeting and any subsequent applications will be the subject of a report to a future meeting of the Sub-Committee, in accordance with standard procedures. There is also provision in the protocol for applications that have been submitted to be presented at this meeting for briefing in exceptional circumstances.

The meeting will have the following format:

  • Officers to introduce proposal - 5 minutes
  • Presentation by Developer - 15 minutes
  • Members’ questions and discussion - 15 minutes
  • Members’ comments
  • Summary of the comments raised

A short note of the meeting summarising Members’ comments will be made.

Whilst these meetings are open to members of the public, there are no public speaking rights.

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Agendas will be made available to view at least 5 working days before the relevant planning sub-committee.

The Planning Sub-Committee meeting agendas and other information can be found on the Planning Sub Committee page.

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Presenting your views

If you wish to address the Planning Sub-Committee you must advise the Council by 12noon on the working day immediately before the Sub-Committee meeting (for a Monday meeting this would be by 12 noon on the Friday before the Sub-Committee).

  • Persons interested in addressing the Committee in relation to an application on the agenda should contact the Committee secretariat:

The number of speakers will usually be limited to 2 speaking in favour of the application and 2 speaking against the application, with a time limit of 3 minutes for each speaker: ie a maximum of 6 minutes. Please be advised that speaking slots will be allocated on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. The applicant is allowed up to 6 minutes to reply to objections. At the Chair’s discretion, the number of speakers and the time allowed may be increased for larger, more complex or controversial cases.

The meetings follow a formal procedure to ensure that all parties gain a fair hearing.

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Format of the Planning Sub-Committee

The procedure followed during the Planning Sub-Committee meetings for those wishing to speak is outlined below.

Running Order for planning applications:

  1. Announce application
  2. Name public speakers
  3. Declaration of interests that have been made
  4. Officer presents case including update of any late representations
  5. Objectors to the development – up to 2 speakers
  6. Any interested Councillors who are not members of the Sub-Committee
  7. The applicant or any supporters of the development (limit 6 minutes)
  8. Debate
  9. Summing up of discussion by Chair and moving of recommendation
  10. Vote and record decision

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Videos of Planning Committee meetings

The Committee meeting is recorded for a live webcast. Videos of past committees are also available.

Watch webcast Videos of Planning Committee meetings (webcasts)

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Site visits

In some cases, the committee will attend a members’ site visit usually prior to the Committee meeting so that members can see the site, its relationship with the adjoining properties and its context in the locality.

Council Officers in consultation with the Chair of the Sub-Committee, will decide which cases require a site visit according to the criteria set out below.

Examples where a site visit would not normally be required, include:

  • Those applications raising purely policy matters or issues of principle
  • Where the report, together with drawings, photographs and other material is sufficient to provide the context, or
  • Where Councillors have already visited the site within the last 12 months

If a Member is unable to attend the site visit, this does not disqualify him or her from taking part in the decision-making. The Member will, however, listen very carefully to the views of those who benefited from the visit. In some cases, the Member may decide it would be better not to take part in making the final decision.

The purpose of such site visits is for the Members of the Sub-Committee to see the site in order to reach an informed decision. It is not intended to provide a separate opportunity for objectors, supporters, applicants or others to lobby the Members, to argue their case or discuss the merits of the application.

Where individual members of the committee wish to undertake their own site inspection, prior to the committee meeting, these should be conducted unannounced and from a public vantage point. Members of the committee should not arrange to meet applicants/agents or third parties for the purpose of a site inspection.

What information is considered at the Planning Sub-Committee?

During the Planning Sub-Committee meetings Members consider:

  • Planning application reports, which they receive at least 5 days beforehand describing relevant characteristics of the site, planning policies, consideration of the application and recommendation to grant or refuse
  • Site Plans
  • Drawings of the proposed scheme
  • Photographs
  • Consultation responses
  • Objectors and supporters comments heard during the committee meeting

This range of information is usually sufficient to enable the members to reach a decision.

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Further information

  • See the Planning Application Process page for further information
  • The Planning Protocol details how the Members of the Committee exercise their function, including behaviour in relation to applicants, residents and other third parties. You can find the Planning Protocol in Part 5 Section E of the Council Constitution

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