Alexandra Palace and Park Regeneration

Alexandra Palace and the Palace Park were transferred to a Trust in 1900 by an Act of Parliament. This Act required the Trustees to maintain the Palace and Park and make them 'available for the free use and recreation of the public forever'. This also placed a statutory duty on the Trustees to 'uphold, maintain and repair the Palace and to maintain the said park and Palace as a place of public resort and recreation and for other public purposes.'

In the 1960's the Greater London Council (GLC) took over the trusteeship. Subsequently on 10 July 1980 the trusteeship was transferred to LB Haringey. The trusteeship continues to the present day as a charitable trust administered by LB Haringey.

In 1980 the Palace caught fire and the Great Hall, Banqueting Suite, former roller rink and the theatre dressing rooms were destroyed. Development and restoration work was undertaken and the building re-opened in 1988.

The Palace building along with the television mast was listed by English Heritage (as grade II) in 1996.

Some areas of Alexandra Palace are, at present, in a state of disrepair and it is estimated that major failings will occur to the infrastructure, if remedial action is not taken. This makes it increasingly difficult for the building to continue to be a significant recreational and commercial resource for the people of London and Haringey.

At present approximately only 50 to 60 percent of the available space within the Palace building itself is in use. The remaining areas including the Theatre, basement area and former BBC studios are either underused, derelict or in need of significant investment in order to bring them back into a usable condition.

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What is happening?

The Strategic Development and Physical Regeneration team is working with the board of Trustees to develop a strategy and masterplan for the future of Alexandra Palace and Park in order to prevent further decline within the Palace.

This will be based upon the agreed vision for the Palace and the Park, currently being developed by the Trust and its trading arm, using input from stakeholders. This strategy will have the objective of ensuring that the Palace and Park continues to meet the requirements of the Alexandra Park and Palace (Public Purposes) Act 1900 and subsequent legislation.

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September 9, 2021