Frequently asked questions - Local Land Charges

What is a Search?

Every time a property or piece of land is purchased or leased, a request for a search is sent to the authority in whose area the property is situated. This is to check any matters affecting the property or land registered as a Local Land Charge, or information held by the Council that a prospective purchaser would like to know.

A solicitor or licensed conveyancer usually submits the application for a Local Land Charges Search and Enquiries (CON29).

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What is the cost of a search?

This depends on what the applicant requires.

Please note that Building Regulations information is being disclosed from 1 April 2002 onwards. For information prior to that date, please make a direct application to Building Control or telephone the Building Control Enquiry Line 020 8489 5504.

To see our fees read the fees section on this website.

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Do you have a service where you will process my Search quicker?

No, we are unable to offer an expedited search.

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When we send in our search request do you require plans?

Yes, please. Two copies of an up to date Ordnance Survey plan with the boundary of the property clearly marked.

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Do you answer drainage enquiries?

No, please refer to Thames Water:

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We need to undertake a search of the register of local Common Land and Town and Village Greens. Do we send them to you?

This has now been replaced by question 22 of CON29O:

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How long are you taking to process searches?

We aim to process all searches in 10 working days.

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How do I know if a property is within the Haringey boundary?

If you are unsure whether the property lies within the boundary, there are a number of publications or websites that clearly show the boundary line such as Streetmap, however if you are still unsure then call us and we will try to help. Using the National Land Information Service (NLIS hub) will alleviate this problem.

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Are you linked to the National Land Information Service (NLIS)?

Yes, we receive applications for Local Land Charges Searches.

For more information on the NLIS service visit the NLIS website (external link).

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Can you tell me who owns land or property?

No, the information we hold is property-based.

You should contact HM Land Registry (external website) - Telephone 01792 458 877

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Page last updated:

November 24, 2022