Consultation on low traffic neighbourhoods

We have undertaken an extensive listening exercise on the following 3 low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs): Bounds Green, Bruce Grove West Green, and St Ann’s. This began in February 2021 and included 3 discrete rounds of engagement plus additional engagement with key stakeholders.

The cabinet gave the go-ahead for the 3 LTNs at a meeting in December 2021 as part of the Haringey Streets for People programme. The decision followed a full analysis of the various stages of engagement.

You can read the detailed consultation reports for each LTN below

The LTNs are being delivered in a phased approach beginning with the Bounds Green and St Ann’s LTNs which launched on 15 and 22 August 2022 respectively.

Find out more about our Streets for People project and how LTNs work on the following pages:

Engagement Stage 1 - early engagement

We launched early engagement with residents and businesses in February 2020. The objective of this stage was to hear from those living and working in and near the area on the issues that they are facing and the ways they would like to see them changed.

We gave the community the opportunity to share their views on an interactive engagement map, by email, phone or post. You can view a summary and analysis of the feedback received for each LTN below:

We also held 3 virtual public meetings, one for each of the LTNs. The event materials can be viewed below, including a summary of some of the questions received from the attendees and the council’s responses:

The feedback from these meetings fed into the design development of each LTN.

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Engagement Stage 2 - community design workshops

We held community design workshops on each of the LTNs. We wrote to all addresses in the LTN areas informing them of the workshops. The workshops were held online on Zoom:

Bounds Green LTN design workshops

Bruce Grove West Green LTN design workshops

St Ann’s LTN design workshops 

The feedback from these community design workshops fed into the LTN designs.

Engagement with parents and teachers at local schools

We organised 3 dedicated online sessions for parents and staff of schools within the proposed LTN areas. These took place online on 7, 8 and 12 July 2021 via MS Teams.

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Engagement Stage 3 - public consultations

Public consultations on each of the 3 LTNs ran for 4 weeks from 16 August 2021 until Friday 17 September 2021.

The public consultations were an opportunity for those living and working in and near an LTN to review the proposed designs and give us their feedback.

All residents and businesses in the LTN areas were notified of the consultation launch.

Every comment and completed questionnaire received was considered as part of the consultation. 

See the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods - Public Consultation page to view the consultation documents.

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Disabled people and carers survey

The council undertook a disabled people and carers survey to better understand the distinct requirements of people with disabilities and specific access needs.

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Business perception survey

The council undertook a Business Perception Survey to help build up a picture of how customers and staff travel to premises within the LTN areas, alongside how they receive deliveries.

Read the  Business perception survey report (PDF, 860KB)

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Broadwater Farm estate and the Bruce Grove West Green LTN

The proposed area for the Bruce Grove West Green LTN includes the Broadwater Farm estate. Officers from Haringey Council are working collaboratively to ensure the improvement aspirations of the community on the estate, and wider, are supported by work the Council is doing through the LTN project.

Separate to the LTN process, Haringey Council has developed initial design ideas for the estate based on feedback from residents and the community.

To find out more and view this consultation, please visit the dedicated Broadwater Farm Estate site (external link).

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November 9, 2022