Haringey’s Streetspace Plans

Haringey has been working in partnership with residents, stakeholders, the Mayor of London, Transport for London (TfL) and the Department for Transport (DfT) on a transport and highways response to the COVID-19 crisis to enable social distancing in our town centres and outside our schools, providing new cycleways and introducing low traffic neighbourhoods. This will help active and safe travel whilst the public transport system cannot operate at full capacity due to social distancing.

The council has been working on proposals to give people safe alternatives to travel around the borough through ‘active travel’ such as walking and cycling. Haringey has submitted 18 bids to TfL to access a share of the £45m London Streetspace Plan fund (external link). The bids are listed below.

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The Bids

The bids were submitted under the following London Streetspace Plan categories:

  1. Pavement Widening - to enable social distancing in town centres, on approaches to stations, outside schools etc.
  2. Temporary Cycleways - to improve the cycle network
  3. Low Traffic Neighbourhoods - to protect neighbourhoods from rat running, traffic, air pollution and road danger
  4. School Streets - to enable social distancing, tackling air pollution and providing safer walking and cycling routes to schools

Map of the Borough

See a map of the borough showing all the bids here:

A map of the borough showing all the bids (PDF, 794KB)
A map of the borough showing all the bids (PDF, 794KB)

Pavement Widening

Bid 1 - 19 retrospective funding bids - £153,932 has been approved by TfL:

These are:

  • 32 Highgate High Street- Tesco
  • 126-138 Muswell Hill Broadway - M&S
  • 390 Muswell Hill Broadway - Waitrose
  • 105 Turnpike Lane N8 - Post Office
  • 35-39 The Broadway N8 - Waitrose
  • 71 Crouch End Hill N8 - M&S
  • Endymion Road
  • 28 Topsfield Parade N8 - Post Office
  • Green Lanes - Savers
  • Grand Parade - Iceland
  • High Street N22 - Savers
  • West Green Road - Sainsburys
  • West Green Road - Tesco
  • West Green Road - Food Centre
  • West Green Road - Halal Market
  • West Green Road - Sainsburys
  • High St N8 - Tesco
  • High St N8 - Post office
  • Lordship Lane - Tesco

Bid 2: a-h - eight additional pavement widening schemes:

Pavement widening schemeStatus
Bid 2a - Aylmer Parade N2 (PDF, 429KB)£49,942 has been approved by TfL
Bid 2b - Green Lanes (PDF, 553KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 2c - High Street N8 (PDF, 393KB)£175,008 has been approved by TfL
Bid 2d - High Street N6 (PDF, 419KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 2e - Lordship Lane (PDF, 478KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 2f - Muswell HIll (PDF, 433KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 2g - Turnpike Lane (PDF, 403KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 2h - West Green Road (PDF, 505KB)Awaiting decision

Bid 3 - Crouch End Pavement widening:

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Temporary Cycleways

Bids 4 to 10:

Temporary Cycleway schemeStatus
Bid 4 - Emergency Cycleway Improvements: submitted to DfT under its Emergency Active Travel Fund (PDF, 451KB)£100,000 has been approved by DfT
Bid 5 - Cycle Superhighway 1 (CS1) extension into Enfield (PDF, 369KB)£219,876 has been approved by TfL
Bid 6 - Cycle Superhighway 1 (CS1) improvements (PDF, 343KB)£384,276 has been approved by TfL
Bid 7 - Cycle Future Route 2: CFR2 (PDF, 431KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 8 - Quietway 10: QW10 (PDF, 201KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 9 - Finsbury Park to Wood Green (PDF, 430KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 10 - Crouch End Cycleway (PDF, 803KB)£46,251 has been approved by TfL

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Bids 11-12:

Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemeStatus
Bid 11 - Bruce Grove/Tottenham Low Traffic Neighbourhood (PDF, 414KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 12 - St Ann’s/Green Lanes Low Traffic Neighbourhood (PDF, 415KB)Awaiting decision

School Streets

Bid 13 - 11 school streets: £110,000 has been approved by TfL

These are:

  1. Rokesly Primary School - N8 8NH
  2. Welbourne Primary School - N15 4EA
  3. Alexandra Primary School - N22 6UH
  4. St Paul's Primary School - N22 7SZ
  5. St Gildas Junior School - N8 9EP
  6. Harris Primary Academy: Coleraine Park - N17 9XT
  7. Tiverton Primary School - N15 6SP
  8. Holy Trinity School - N17 9EJ
  9. Bruce Grove Primary School - N17 6UH
  10. Highgate Primary School - N6 4ED
  11. Harris Academy Primary: Ashley Road, Tottenham - N17 9LN

Bid 14 - Additional School Streets:

These are:

  1. Coldfall Primary - N10 1HS
  2. Risley Avenue Primary School - N17 7AB
  3. St Francis De Sales - N17 8AZ
  4. Chestnuts Primary - N15 3AS
  5. Campsbourne School - N8 7AF
  6. The Highgate Junior School (independent) - N6 4PL
  7. Lancasterian primary - N17 8NN
  8. Crowland Primary School/Gladesmore Secondary - N15 6UY
  9. Earlsmead Primary School - N15 4PW
  10. West Green School - N15 3RT
  11. St Anns CE Primary - N15 5JG


Bids 15-18:

Other schemeStatus
Bid 15 - Cycle parking (PDF, 243KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 16 - Speed management schemes (PDF, 339KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 17 - Removing footway parking (PDF, 344KB)Awaiting decision
Bid 18 - Roundway / Lordship Lane / Downhills Way pedestrian improvement scheme (PDF, 387KB)Awaiting decision

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We launched an interactive Commonplace Map (external link) which allows residents and business owners to identify cycle routes and low traffic neighbourhoods. The consultation opened on 2 June and closes on 26 June 2020.

Thank you to those who have already sent us suggestions for active travel measures. We are very grateful for the detailed and thoughtful suggestions. These have helped inform our approach. We will not be able to deliver everything and what we deliver will be dependent on funding.

Our focus is on the urgent need to help tackle COVID-19 so our priority is temporary measures to support social distancing, but some of the temporary measures could be made permanent. We will also use suggestions put forward here to inform future bids to funding opportunities and our longer-term ambitions in our emerging Walking and Cycling Action Plan which will be fully consulted on later in 2020.

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Next Steps

All the above bids have been submitted to TfL and the DfT. Bidding for TfL’s funding closed on Friday 19 June 2020. We will update this page in due course with the results of the funding bids as appropriate. We will continue to pursue other funding opportunities which may arise.

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Background reading

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14 July 2020

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