School Streets: Have your say

In 2023, the council approved a new School Street Plan which set out our ambition for the majority of schools to have a School Street by 2026.

This page lists School Streets that are currently proposed or planned for implementation. It explains how and when you can have your say.

Planned for implementation

In December 2022, we carried out informal consultation on the initial design of a new batch of School Streets. The results of the informal consultation were considered by the Director of Environment & Resident Experience in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Environment and Transport and a decision was taken to progress most of the proposed School Streets.

Subsequently, a statutory consultation was carried out in November and December 2023 for the School Streets listed below. The results of the statutory consultation were considered by Cabinet on 7 February 2024.

The following School Streets have now been approved and are expected to be implemented in late spring 2024, in time for the summer term.

SS46 Coleridge Primary - Crescent Road N8

SS12 Lancasterian Primary and The Vale School Street

SS37 Lee Valley Primary/Dukes Aldridge Academy and The Vale

SS34 and SS35 North Harringay Primary N4

SS43 St Mary's CofE Primary N8 - Rectory Gardens N8

SS42 St Mary's Priory Catholic School - N15

SS40 and SS41 South Harringay Primary N4

SS39 Stroud Green Primary N4

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School Streets under consideration

Wood Green – Alexandra Primary

Following extensive engagement as part of the Adaptive Wood Green project, Cabinet considered the statutory consultation results and approved School Streets at Noel Park Primary (SS33) and St Paul’s Catholic Primary (SS31) which were subsequently launched in January 2024.

Cabinet agreed that the proposed School Street for Alexandra Primary and Heartlands High School (SS32) would be paused, pending further investigation.

St Francis de Sales RC Infant and Junior Schools (SS15)

An informal consultation was carried out in early 2023. The results of that consultation are pending a decision, which is expected in early 2024 by the Director of Environment and Resident Experience in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Environment and Transport.

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February 14, 2024