School Streets: Have your say

In 2020, the council approved a School Street Plan which set out our ambition for the majority of primary schools to have a School Street by 2024/25.

This page lists School Streets that are proposed or operating on a trial basis. It explains how and when you can have your say.

Proposed new School Streets

School Streets 2022/23

Following informal consultation that closed in early 2023, we are currently analysing the community’s feedback and data before taking a decision on how to proceed.

See/download plans of the proposed School Streets:

Following informal consultation that closed in December 2022, Cabinet approved The Devonshire Hill Primary School Street (SS29). We are currently working with the London Borough of Enfield on a joint agreement to enable the launch of this School Street.

School Streets through the Adaptive Wood Green project 

The following School Streets are being delivered through the Adaptive Wood Green project:

  • Alexandra Primary School (SS31) 
  • Noel Park Primary School (SS33)
  • St Paul's Catholic Primary School – Bradley Avenue (SS32)

Early engagement took place with key stakeholders during 2022 on the possibility of these 3 School Streets.

We are currently analysing the community’s feedback and data. If the schemes will be approved works could start in spring 2023, with the launch of the School Streets expected in Autumn 2023.

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Experimental School Streets

During the first 6-12 months we collect data and seek feedback on their operation before completing a review and taking a decision whether to make them permanent.

The following School Streets are operating under experimental traffic orders:

  • Belmont Junior School and The Vale (SS20)
  • Bruce Grove Primary School (SS02)
  • Highgate Junior School (SS09)
  • Seven Sisters Primary School (SS28)
  • St Martin of Porres Roman Catholic Primary School (SS24)
  • Trinity Primary Academy (SS25)
  • West Green Primary School (SS19)

During the statutory consultation period of the experimental traffic order, any person may make an objection, in writing, to the traffic order.

Currently open for feedback

We are currently seeking feedback on the following School Street:

  • Highgate Junior School (SS09)

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June 1, 2023