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We have partnered with Cleancar Mobile to offer businesses and residents in Haringey access to an app that monitors car/van journeys for a period of two to four weeks.

The system then creates a tailored report, which sets out whether you are suitable for a switch from a petrol/diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle and how much you could save.

For those journeys where you can’t walk or cycle, choosing an electric vehicle helps improve local air quality. With more people turning to their car rather than using public transport due to the pandemic, providing bespoke information about switching to an electric vehicle is timely - particularly with the extension of the ULEZ charge to include Haringey in October 2021.

Download the app for free

The Cleancar Mobile app is free to use and to download:

Important: When you register, enter the code 1f5e3cf5.

Further information

For more information, visit the Cleancar website (external link)

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April 6, 2021