Haringey's Transport Strategy 2018

  • Adopted March 2018

The new Transport Strategy provides the transport vision for the borough over the next 10 years.

A new strategy was needed to update the existing Transport Strategy and to take account of the new Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy (MTS).

The new strategy also supports Haringey’s next Local Implementation plan which will be produced later in 2018.

The Transport Strategy provides the strategic vision and statement of Haringey’s ambitions for transport and highlights the borough’s key commitments over the next 10 years. Haringey will prepare a set of actions plans over the next 12 months which will outline how this vision will be achieved. These actions plans may include: a walking and cycling action plan, a parking action plan and an alternative fuels action plan.

Haringey’s vision for the strategy is: "to deliver a transport system that matches our growth and prosperity ambitions, whilst also improving our environment, providing accessible choices and making walking, cycling and the use of public transport a first choice for all."

This vision will be achieved through four outcomes:

  1. A public transport network that is better connected, has greater capacity and is more accessible, supporting our growth ambitions
  2. Active travel the default choice, with more people choosing to travel by walking or cycling 
  3. An improved air quality and a reduction in carbon emissions from transport
  4. A well maintained road network that is less congested and safer

Download:  Haringey’s Transport Strategy 2018 (PDF, 864KB).

Download: Transport Strategy Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA) (PDF, 129KB).

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