Try Before You Bike - new scheme in Haringey

Are you thinking of cycling?

Peddle my wheels logo

Then Try Before You Bike - the flexible bike scheme that will get you cycling might be for you!

  • Trial a new or nearly new bike for a monthly fee from:
    • £10 for kids | £20 for adults | £20 for folding | £50 for electric | £100 for e-cargo bikes
  • Bike delivered directly to your door with a free cycle skills session to increase your confidence
  • If you like the bike, buy at a discounted price or pay monthly until you own it
  • Range of bikes to try with a helpful guide to selecting the right one for you
  • All bikes come with lights, lock and helmet and you can add any other accessories you might need
  • Maintenance and theft cover available for peace of mind
  • Free delivery and collection. No deposit, interest or cancellation fees

Sign up with Peddle My Wheels who run the programme on our behalf:

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Cycle Parking

Encouraging more people to cycle is a vital part of our plan to tackle congestion, improve air quality, promote physical activity and improve accessibility. We are committed to the promotion of cycling as serious transport. As the number of people cycling increases, we recognise the need for safe and secure parking.

On-street cycle parking - Sheffield Cycle Stand

Sheffield Stand

We have invested heavily in cycle parking facilities over recent years and have installed over 1,500 publicly accessible on-street cycle parking spaces. We have installed cycle stands along town centres, outside shops, doctors surgeries, local underground and rail stations etc.

We install high-quality Sheffield stands where there is a high demand for on-street cycle parking.

If you would like to suggest a location for a Sheffield cycle stand, please email us at with the proposed location, and we will try to install the Sheffield stand, subject to funding availability.

Secure residential cycle parking - Bikehangars


For many Haringey residents, parking their cycle at home currently means keeping it on a balcony, in a hallway or in a garden. This is often inconvenient and impractical, resulting in many potential cyclists not pursuing cycle ownership. In recent years, Bikehangars have emerged as a game-changing solution. These offer secure, sheltered cycle parking on residential streets, replacing half a car parking space with up to six cycle parking spaces per hangar. This helps reduce car dependency, and makes more efficient use of the limited kerbside space.

To date, we have installed 158 Bikehangars on a number of residential streets in the borough to accommodate demand for secure residential cycle parking. They take up half the length of a parking bay and can store up to six bicycles.

Cycle parking/storage locations  

To find out the locations of existing on street cycle parking/storage and the locations prioritised for consideration in the 2022/23 Cycle Parking programme, see the Google Map - On street Cycle Parking (Storage) locations - Haringey (external link) 

Apply for a space in a Bikehangar

Applications for Bikehangar spaces are managed by Cyclehoop, the company that supplies and subsequently manages the arrangement. However, Cyclehoop will only start taking requests once a Bikehanagar has been installed. A maximum of two spaces can be allocated per person, but if a Bikehangar is under-utilised over a period of time, then Cyclehoop will issue additional spaces if required.

To apply for a space and for rental charges, contact Cyclehoop directly:

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Request a cycle storage facility

If there are no available cycle storage facilities in your street and you would like to make a request to install one, please complete our online e-form:

Cycle storage facility request form

Subject to funding availability, we select cycle storage installation locations using the following criteria:

  • The date a request is received
  • Demand from residents
  • Fair and equitable distribution throughout the wards in Haringey

Based on the above criteria, a point scoring system has been set up that provides officers with a priority list.

Before we can install a cycle storage facility, we are required to conduct a statutory consultation with residents on the proposed site.

After a cycle storage facility has been installed, we may share your personal details (name, address, email, contact number) with our cycle parking partner Cyclehoop, who will use this information to allocate spaces, issue keys and maintain occupancy records. Your personal data will only be used for the provision of cycle parking.

Please note that due to unprecedented demand there is a long waiting list for new cycle storage requests. We are also unable to contact you regarding the status of your request. We will get in touch with you when your request is selected and put forward for consideration.


If you would like further information or have any specific queries about cycle parking infrastructure or any other issues which are not related to cycle storage requests, please contact us using the form below:

Contact us - eform

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Proposed bikehangars (cycle parking storage) 2022/2023

As part our 2022/23 cycle parking works programme, we have secured funding to install more cycle hangars across the borough. Based on the available funding, we have now shortlisted 40 locations, which we will be taking forward this year.

The locations have been chosen based on requests we received from residents.

New proposed bikehangars – batch 1 

We consulted on the proposals to install the first 15 Bikehangars at the locations outlined in the statutory consultation letter and design plans below in July/August 2022.

During the consultation period the council received a good response to the consultation, and we would like to thank all those who took the time to have their say and make their views known.

Full details of all comments and representations can be found in the DA report: Cycle storage facilities (cycle hangars) batch 1 - statutory consultation. As part of the decision-making process, we have considered all representations and approved the introduction of 14 of the cycle hangars proposed.   

The installation works for these cycle hangars are scheduled to start on 17 November 2022 and be completed by 28 November 2022. 

New proposed bikehangars – batch 2

As part of this year's cycle parking programme, we are now proposing to install the second batch of 26 bikehangars at the locations outlined in the statutory consultation letter and design plans below.

The consultation for these proposals will start on 16 November. Interested parties will have 21 days to comment on the proposals. If you would like to comment on the proposals detailed, please respond using our public consultation portal (external link)

Comments must be received no later than 7 December 2022.

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Car Bike Ports

Car Bike Port

We are currently trialling cycle parking racks in the shape of cars, known as Car Bike Ports, that are able to take ten bicycles in a single car parking space. The message is, "ditch the car and start cycling".

We have only one of these at the moment on Fortis Green Road. If successful we will install additional car bike ports in the borough, subject to funding availability.

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Bike Repairs and Maintenance - Dr Bike

Our bike maintenance sessions have come to an end in our parks. We will renew the offer in spring 2023.

To help you with your bike repairs, we have this very useful booklet that may help you get through until we can support you again in person:

You may also get support for bike maintenance to keep your wheels spinning from your local bike shop and independent maintenance teams such as Rockstone Cycling Hub (external link) in Lordship Rec and Bikes for Good Causes (external link) in Wood Green.

If you’re looking to get your bike checked over after carrying out your own repairs or simply want to ensure your bike is safe and performing at its best, then head over to your local Halfords store (external link) and they’ll perform a bike assessment free of charge. 

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Cycling clubs

Pedal Power

Pedal Power is a cycling club for teenagers and adults with learning disabilities based in Finsbury Park.

The club is supported Smarter Travel programme in 3 local boroughs. For more information about Pedal Power visit the Pedal Power website (external link).

Wheely Tots

Wheely Tots is a registered children’s charity that believes all children should be healthy, confident and resilient. Wheely Tots make this possible by providing inclusive, friendly and rewarding family oriented events and sessions. They specialise in parent and toddler balance bike sessions from age 14 months upwards, and provide tools, support and help for the whole family.

Visit the Wheely Tots website (external link) to find out more, including when and how to book.

Your Bike Project

Your Bike Project is a new cycling club in Tottenham - get involved in this!

Gain hands-on, fun cycling skills and help your friends and family to get active. Your Bike Project host empowering cycle sessions that unlock new talents through relaxed peer-to-peer learning, where you’re encouraged to share your practical skills with your wider community. Be inspired by qualified cycle trainers and mechanics, and pick up a range of skills – mending, fitting and riding bikes as well as journey planning. Tools and bikes provided, or bring your own.

Your Bike Project is based on Broadwater Farm and Northumberland Park Estate, and is open to young people and their family members. To join in, visit the Your Bike Project website (external link).

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Cycle Training

To book a cycle skills training session, please visit the Cycle Confident website (external link) or phone 020 3031 6730.

The cycle training is available free of charge for residents and anyone in education or working in Haringey. If you do not have a bike, mention this to Cycle Confident when you book and they can arrange to meet you with a loan bike.

If your children are at school they should be offered cycle training in group sessions. However, if your child has missed out, you can book them in for a training session by calling the number above.

You can book sessions for training with more than one child too as long as they are over 9 years old.


We know that parents are also keen to get their children cycling and there is a lot of advice online. Children aged between 2 and 3 really enjoy using balance bikes - they usually gain a lot of confidence this way and progress straight onto two wheels with no stabilisers.

We recommend that first, you check that any bike you plan to use is the right size for your child. Adjust the seat to allow them to have their feet on the floor. The Active For Life website (external link) has some good cycle skill tips.

We recommend checking the Haringey Safer Cycling Book (PDF, 5MB), offering excellent tips and advice on travelling by bike, from adjusting the height to road skills.

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Cycle skills training tips from Transport for London

Some people may need to refresh their cycle skills, or to gain some tips and training before embarking on a first ride.

Transport for London (TfL) has created an online training module that is free for anyone to sign up and complete to improve your basic skills to feel more confident.

You'll learn how to:

  • get you and your cycle prepared for the road
  • start cycling on the road safely and responsibly
  • brush up on your cycling skills
  • cycle in a group with children

It’s an online training module that’s free for anyone to sign up and complete.

Visit the TfL website (external link) to find out more.

Sign up now

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    Park to Park Haringey Schools Mass Cycle Ride 2019

    In 2019 we celebrated Bike Week. School teams were escorted to Lordship Recreation ground to join in a mass ride through our parks and finally ending at Alexandra Palace.

    160 pupils, parents, teachers, cycle trainers and police officers cycled together, showing that cycling around the borough is healthy, quick, fun and free - watch that below:

    You can also see the video from the Schools Mass Cycle Ride 2017 (external link)

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    Active Travel Community Project Funding

    The Smarter Travel Team has awarded the funding for the Active Travel Projects - visit our Smarter Travel page to see who was successful. Although the funding has been awarded, the projects are on hold, pending government instructions to allow them to continue.

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    Sky Ride Local

    Sky Ride - organised rides for men, women and children (depending on cycling level)

    Please visit the Sky Ride website (external link) to find out more about Sky Ride and to join an organised ride. For further information about rides around the UK visit the British Cycling website (external link).

    Breeze Rides

    Guide for choosing suitable rides

    • Easy rides along relaxed, mostly traffic-free routes suitable for all abilities and ages
    • Steady rides set at a comfortable pace, on mainly quiet roads with plenty of sights, possibly modest hills, and possibly some modest hills
    • Challenging ride over a good distance with a few hills

    See more information on these and other active lifestyle activities on our Walk, Run and Cycle page.

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    It's quicker by bike!

    A 4-mile trip in London takes on average:

    • 40 minutes by car
    • 30 minutes by public transport
    • 22 minutes by bike

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    Cycle Maps and Cycling Guides

    Haringey has a network of cycle routes across the borough including cycle lanes on main roads, separated cycle lanes and special fully signed, quiet routes.

    Haringey is part of the London Cycle Network and the London Cycle Guide provides a map of our on and off-road cycle routes.

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    Cycle Safety and HGVs

    London Cyclists Survival Guide:

    • Be Seen – Wear something bright, use lights and make eye contact with other road users
    • Protect Yourself – Wear a helmet and other appropriate clothing
    • Get Trained – We offer bikeability cycle training. See the Haringey page on the Cycling Confident website (external link), or call 020 3031 6730
    • Never position yourself between the left of a large vehicle and the kerb - especially at junctions

    Lorries and HGVs have significant blind spots where cyclists are invisible. See the London Cycling Campaign's advice on Lorry safety (external link) to find out more.

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    Cycle Security

    Cycle Security - Keep your bike secure

    Know your frame number

    Register your bike

    Locking your bike

    • Before visiting a bike shop check Sold Secure website (external link) to see which locks are the most secure. Expect to pay £40+ for a secure lock. To best protect your bike from theft use two locks and always lock both wheels and the frame to the stand. There are more bike security tips on TfL's page about avoiding bike thefts (external link).
    • Leave your bike somewhere where everyone can see it or in a well-lit area covered by CCTV

    Get insurance

    • Check if your home insurance already covers your bicycle when it is away from your home. Also, check that the total value of your bike is covered

    Don’t buy a stolen second-hand bike

    • Make sure you get proof of ownership and check the frame number on the BikeRegister website (external link). If you register your bike with BikeRegister you have an increased chance of having your bike returned to you if it is stolen. Visit the website for details on how to get your bike on their database.

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    Cycling Facts - why it's good for you


    • burns 400 calories in one hour, even along flat ground
    • improves your strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness. It helps to lower both blood pressure and the resting heart rate
    • increases calorie consumption and raises the metabolic rate, which can help to lose weight. Shed those unwanted pounds!
    • is friendlier for your joints; less pressure is put on your joints than when running
    • reduces stress and helps to combat depression; improves your confidence and mental capacities

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    Cycling on Pavements Rules and Fines

    You can only cycle on the footway if it is clearly signposted and classified by the borough as a foot and cycle way. If there are no signs, then it is an offence that carries a £50 fine. You can check the rules for cyclists on the GOV.UK website (external link).

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    Feedback Opportunity

    We are keen to listen. Please email us at to provide feedback about cycling in Haringey. We are looking at ways to make cycling in Haringey more enjoyable and safer.

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    Further Cycling Resources

    Table: further cycling resources

    Document titleFile typeFile size
    Finsbury Park Cycle ParkingPDF1MB
    London Docklands and Lea Valley MapPDF2MB
    Cycle Action PlanPDF82KB

    The London Borough of Enfield website (external link) also has some useful information including maps and cycle routes for their borough linking directly with Haringey.

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