Car Clubs in Haringey

What is a Car Club?

Car club logoCar Clubs provide the convenience of using a vehicle without having to pay for upkeep, licensing, insurance or residents' parking charges. Not only do Car Clubs help to ease parking problems they also help reduce CO2 emissions. Car Club users often give up owning a first or second car on joining; others will choose not to purchase a car if there is a Car Club vehicle located conveniently close to home. Each Car Club car can effectively replace ten private cars by providing a convenient alternative. 

There are two types of Car Club service currently operating in Haringey:-

  • Round trip Car Club services operated by Zipcar and Enterprise Car Club: These vehicles are picked up from and returned to dedicated parking bays. There are currently 74 such Car Club vehicles in Haringey, 71 operated by Zipcar and 3 operated by Enterprise Car Club
  • One-way (flexible) Car Club service operated by Zipcar: These vehicles can be used for one-way journeys and can be picked up and parked in any legal parking bay in the borough. 

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Current Car Club vehicle locations

Haringey's Car Club scheme now offers Zipcar members access to 71 on-street vehicles which include cars, people carriers and vans. There are also three Car Club vehicles, operated by Enterprise Club, located at the New River Village, in New River Avenue.

The Car Club vehicles will be parked in dedicated on-street Car Club parking bays - please see list and map of locations below:

•     List of car club vehicle locations (PDF, 18KB)
•     Map of car club vehicle locations (PDF, 3MB)

Please note, cars may not always be available due to maintenance, seasonal fleet adjustments etc. If you have any specific questions regarding the availability of a Car Club vehicle at a location, please check with the relevant scheme operator below.
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Joining a Car Club

Most Car Club vehicles in Haringey are operated by Zipcar. There are also three Car Club vehicles operated by Enterprise Car Club located at the New River Village, in New River Avenue. Before using these vehicles you will need to register with the operators.



Zipcar is the UK’s biggest and most popular car-sharing club! Members can rent a car or van by the minute, hour or day, and join for free or pick one of our monthly plans which gives you access to cheaper hourly rates and free credit each month.  Once you’re part of the club you can search, book and unlock over 3,000 vehicles via the Zipcar app!

There are two ways to drive: pick up and drop off a Round trip car or van from its own dedicated bay. Or, take a one-way Zipcar Flex: cars that you can pick up and drop off in most of London, as well as Heathrow T5.

Vehicles include hatchbacks, vans, hybrid and electric vehicles. 

•  Zipcar website (external link)
•  Tel 0333 240 9000

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Enterprise Car Club - New River Village

Enterprise Car Club Logo

You have to be a member of the Enterprise Car Club to use the three Car Club vehicles located at the New River Village, New River Avenue, N8 7QB.

Contact Enterprise Car Club for membership details and usage costs:

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Further information on Car Clubs

If you have any queries in regards to Car Clubs in the borough, please contact us online

Make a general enquiry

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Page last updated:

December 28, 2022