Traffic management orders 2023

How to object to or support a TMO

Anyone can submit comments that object to, or support, a proposed permanent or experimental Traffic Management Order (TMO).

Comments must be:

  • made in writing
  • state the grounds for any objection
  • submitted by the deadline given in the notice included in the documentation

Proposed Static and Moving TMOs 

Our Proposed Static and Moving TMOs are now map based. You can view proposals and submit comments online (external link).

Proposed non-map based TMOs

Some of our TMOs cannot be migrated to our map-based system and remain text-based: for example, amendments to the terms and conditions for permits and amendments to fees and charges. These proposals can be viewed below and any comments can be submitted to

When commenting, please quote the reference number stated in the notice.

What happens after submitting comments

We must consider every comment we receive.

We will acknowledge every comment and inform you once a decision is made.

Within 6 weeks of making a TMO, an appeal can be made to the high court if it’s felt that we did not follow the correct procedures in making the order.

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Proposed non-map based TMOs

Table: Proposed non-map based TMOs

Date advertisedScheme
2 August 2023  2023-T39 - Car Free Dev - Land to the Rear of 15-29 Risley Ave (ZIP 358KB)
21 June 2023 2023-T20 - Essential Service Permit change (ZIP, 349KB)

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Made and experimental TMOs

You can view made and experimental static parking TMOs on the interactive map.

All other made and experimental TMOs can be found below:

Table: Made and experimental TMOs

Date AdvertisedScheme
18 October 2023  2022-T56 - Amendment to SS16 St Paul's School Street (ZIP 185KB)
23 August 2023 2023-T32 - Bounds Green Experimental LTN (ZIP, 9.64MB)
23 August 2023 2023-T33 - St Ann's Experimental LTN (ZIP, 9.48MB)
23 August 2023 2023-T34 - Bruce Grove West Green Experimental LTN (ZIP, 10.3MB)
23 August 2023 2023-T35 - Experimental 7.5t weight limit: Downhills Way and Belmont Road N17 (ZIP, 4MB)
28 June 2023 2021-T43 - Parking fees & charges - Stop & Shop, Off street Carparks (ZIP, 413KB)
17 May 2023 2023-T19 - Parking charges variation notice (zip 125KB)
12 April 2023  2022-T24 - Amendment to Virtual Blue Badge Policy (PDF, 289KB)
11 January 2023 2020-T36 - THFC Event Days (ZIP, 480KB)
11 January 2023 2021-T38 - THFC NFL event days (ZIP, 485KB)

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Made Temporary TMOs

Table: Made Temporary TMOs

Date advertisedScheme
29 November 2023 TMO110D-Drumshed Festival (ZIP, 192KB)
22 November 2023  TTMO44-Tottenham Winter Festival, Town Hall Approach Road N15 (ZIP 157KB)
15 November 2023 TTMO 182-Cholmeley Park N6, Highgate Hill N6, The Bank N6 (ZIP, 217KB)
15 November 2023 TTMO203-Creighton Avenue N2 (ZIP, 164KB)
8 November 2023  TTMO110C-Drumsheds Festival (ZIP, 187KB)
8 November 2023 TTMO41-Rememberance Sunday (ZIP, 191KB)
1 November 2023  TTMO165-Alexandra Palace Fireworks Display (ZIP, 187KB)
1 November 2023 TTMO170-Bikehanger batch 2 part 2 (ZIP, 200KB)
18 October 2023  TTMO162-Morley Avenue N22 (ZIP 164KB)
11 October 2023  TTMO163-West Green Road N15 (ZIP 161KB)
4 October 2023  TTMO110B-Drumsheds Festival (ZIP, 188KB)
30 August 2023 TTMO35 - Markfield Road N15 (ZIP, 217KB)
30 August 2023 TTMO36-Muswell Hill Festival, Fortis Green Road (ZIP, 238KB)
9 August 2023 TTMO121-Fairbanks Road N17 - (ZIP, 163KB)
19 July 2023 TTMO65C-Mount Pleasant Villas N4 (ZIP, 172 KB)
19 July 2023 TTMO65B - St James's Lane N10 (ZIP, 167KB)
19 July 2023 TTMO65A-Northwood Road N6 (zip 200KB)
5 July 2023 TTMO81 - EVCP Batch 3 (ZIP, 209KB)
5 July 2023 TTMO30-Alexandra Palace Summer Series (ZIP 198KB)
5 July 2023 T73 - Amendments to Care Permit NOM (Zip, 190 KB)
28 June 2023  TTMO73 - Bikehangar Batch 2 (ZIP, 202KB)
28 June 2023  TTMO55 - Park Avenue Road, Garman Road N17 (ZIP, 167KB)
28 June 2023  TTMO63 - Finsbury Park ATTRO (ZIP, 164KB)
28 June 2023 TTMO29 - Crouch End Festival, Weston Park N8 (ZIP, 187 KB)
28 June 2023 TTMO17 - Finsbury Park N4, various roads - Festival Republic (PDF, 280KB)
31 May 2023 TTMO44 - Parkland Road, Tower Terrace N22 (ZIP, 189KB)
24 May 2023 TTMO42 - Brook Road N22 (ZIP, 178KB)
26 April 2023 TTMO24-B138 - Hornsey Park Road N22, Mayes Road N22 (ZIP, 218KB)
26 April 202326 April 2023 TTMO30 - Chesnut Road N17 - United Living (ZIP, 176KB)
05 April 2023 TTMO31 - Chesnut Road N17 - Mulalley (ZIP, 328KB)
15 March 2023 TTMO227 - Bikehangar batch 2 (ZIP, 275KB)
8 March 2023 TTMO224 - Boroughwide Maintenance (ZIP, 351KB)
22 February 2023  TTMO184 - Footpath between Tenterden Road and Headcorn Road N17 (ZIP, 203KB)
22 February 2023  TTMO220 - Colina Mews N15 (ZIP, 227KB)

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