School crossing patrols

School crossing patrols help make travel to and from school for children as safe as possible. 

Patrol officers can stop traffic for anyone wanting to cross the road provided they are: 

  • working at their official site 
  • wearing the correct uniform 

Placement of school crossing patrols 

A school crossing patrol will: 

  • be positioned where the need is greatest 
  • not necessarily be directly outside a school 

Requesting a school crossing patrol 

Additional patrols are unlikely right now due to funding restrictions. 

To request a school crossing patrol, please contact our road safety officer: 

  • telephone 020 8489 1371 

Following a request we will: 

  • survey the area  
  • see if it meets the national criteria which includes a vehicle and pedestrian count 

Volunteering opportunities as patrol officers 

If you would like to volunteer as a patrol officer, please contact our school crossing patrol supervisor:

  • telephone: 020 8489 2102 

Page last updated:

December 28, 2022